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I have done a lot of research on HESI through the internet and taught myself (through the HESI book, Saunders Questions, course reviews dealing specifically with critical thinking) how to answer... Read More

  1. by   szgg07
    I scored a 900 on the Critical rule is the nurse will always go to the patient who is closest to death First.

    Also, follow ABCs of nursing importance: airway, blood, and I think circulation.
  2. by   tlazo
    Sure Potter & Parry isn't any type of holy grail.. but this guide seems to be!
  3. by   annria12
    Hi sisph,

    In the last two weeks I finished my lpn class and faced the hesi. I want to thank you for your great written words because they helped me tremendously when I began to panic. Of course I didn't know what to expect from the pn hesi, but your outlined guide help me with a strategy. I reviewed the hesi book, then did the cd a million times, then kaplan's cd, and any others I had stuffed in power points on my desk. I got through the 110 questions thanks to your advice and I scored 1059!! That score helped me to get into block three of the RN program and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you. I have put all my books away and I can not wait to enjoy the holidays. I graduate with a pinning and lamp lighting ceremony tomorrow afternoon. I plan to take the pn nclex as soon as they give me a date. I want to work as an lpn while I finish the last two blocks. It won't be easy but nothing worth while ever is.

    I truly thank you for the time you spent in writing your posts!

  4. by   tesleyc
    My school requires this exam be 15% of our final grade and we get one shot. I just did evolve-elsevier case studies and got a 1024 raw 94% converted. That was the first and only one I have taken though. New one for Med Surg. tomorrow, we will see how that goes.
  5. by   fthibodeaux
    Thank you so much for all of the help your Study tips are amazing. Hopefully they'll help me do well on my Med-surg 1 and Maternity finals upcoming.
  6. by   KPace3145
    AWESOME STRATEGIES!!!! You give me a little bit more confidence going into the three HESI tests I have in the next 5 days.
  7. by   macprogirly
    this is so fantastic!
  8. by   CrobertsonRN2012
    I would like to know if anyone can send me Resources to study for HESI exit exam I have Saunders just want more
  9. by   destinedtobea
    sisph, Great...Awesome post. In the Fall I will be in my final semester of nursing school. After my second semester we took the HESI exam (expectation score is of 850) and I scored a 936. I just pray this is a good indication of my success on the NCLEX exam after I finish school. The tips and examples you posted are super!!! I will now look at the nursing questions with a more critical and keen eye. I appreciate this information and I am looking forward to my final semester. Absolutely Awesome Post! Bookmark is a must.
  10. by   alunchik
    Hello, Sisph

    It's been 3years since your first post about this topic, but even now its very helpful.
    I am starting a nursing school fall 2012, and glad i found all this helpful information, so i will hopefully be prepared!Thank you for your time and for thinking about other people!

    Does anyone know what study guide we can use to help in preparing for HESI tests? for 1st semester?


  11. by   toya932
    Has anyone had A&P on their HESI exam? if so, was it specific questions , like "what is the function of the pivot joint?" or general questions?
  12. by   stokeystork
    Just one correction. Fever (temperature) is measurable and is objective, so it is a sign, not a symptom.
  13. by   drivenforsuccess
    I brought this book because I kept getting under an 800 on the individual topic exams, so I decided to buy the book to raise my score. I studied since day 1. There wasn't any multiple choice questions at the end of the book only really easy written questions. I went online to gain online access to the multiple choice: 1. The questions were fair and understandable. 2. It is general Medical Surgical questions not specific such as Endocrines, Cardio & etc 3. The study mode questions are EXACTLY the same as the exam mode
    So basically you don't really know if you are improving or not

    I went to finally take the HESI exam after so much reading and studying. I did worst then I ever did an any HESI exam before. Please do not waste your money. Evolve is just another money hungry company that made their way into nursing programs just to get a check because now nursing programs are using these exams as part of your grade.