Have anyone gotten into a nursing program with a 78 hesi score?

  1. I have a hesi score of an 84% but I also had to take the hesi at another college and I made a 78.40. I was just wondering if anyone ever got in with the 78. The college I scored the lowest on is not my primary choice so it's ok if I don't get in with this college. I'm just trying to plan ahead just in case I do. My plan is to accept their offer but void once the other college contact me. I'm sure some of you have experience that.
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  3. by   DawnJ
    Here in New Mexico, you wouldn't have much luck with a HESI that low. It is super competitive and the minimum score for most schools is 75%. They rank order applicants based on HESI score and GPA, most schools only have 30 slots per semester and are dealing with over 100 applicants. I'd suggest you study up and take the HESI again in 3 months.
  4. by   limitless-visions
    Thanks DawnJ to confirm what you said I got my rejection letter because of that 78.40% so now I all I have is the 84% to get me in the college I really want. I won't know anything for several more weeks but I hope that score gets me in. Atleast I'm glad I didn't get rejected for my GPA or core all of that is ok. Now I must sit back and be patient. Whatever happens it was going to anyway. Thanks again
  5. by   Tinman1017
    I think youll be fine with a 84. The college that I was accepted to took the top 100 HESI scores. (no GPA, or anything else) They ended up taking everyone with a 76 and up! I had an 88% and was told my score was one of the better ones! Hang in there!
  6. by   limitless-visions
    Thanks Tinman1017 I needed to hear that from someone thats on the other side. I mean I have been dreaming about my future as a nurse so much till I can reach out and touch it. My dreams have become more frequent and I think it's because I'm trying to visualize what my letter is going to say. I guess I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared but I'm scared. I knew when I signed up for this it was going to be a fight and I refuse to take no as an answer. Anyway I could vent all night but I won't. Thank you again Tinman1017 good luck with your schooling and try to retain information because you are ahead and you could help someone behind you like me. Thanks
  7. by   Tinman1017
    Thank you, and your welcome!
  8. by   limitless-visions
    Tinman1017 I meant to comment on your school. What school is it and where? I like how they do things.
  9. by   Tinman1017
    Its the Community College of Beaver County. Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I'm a big fan of how they get people into the program. You need to have a 2.5 GPA, and then they just go down the list of HESI scores. Top score is number one....and then the go to 100. Its great not having a waitlist.
  10. by   cristielf
    Just seeing this and scored an 85 on my first Hesi today to try to get into the program. I'm wondering if I should take it again, just to see..
  11. by   Timbo117
    Mininum score for my community college is a 75 for hesi a2, I scored a 75.5 and my gpa is 3.1 with an A in AnP1 and B in Anp2 my lowest grades are Cs in chem120 and psychology, does anyone think I have a chance at getting in iv met all requirements and pre reqs are finished?? Any response would be great!!
  12. by   Callen20
    What college was this?
  13. by   Torri15
    Just curious.. were you accepted into a school with these scores?