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Here's my TEAS and GPA for PHCC Aug '10 - WDYT??


I know it's all relative, but I'm all about the guessing game.

Pre-req GPA 3.43 A's -Nutrition and Comp class B's - A&P, A&P lab, psych

TEAS score 88.2%

Reading - 97.5%

Math - 84.4%

Science - 80%

English - 90.9%

Obviously, we don't apply for 5 months. Would you retake the TEAS, just for the heck of it? My neighbor seems to think that the TEAS is like the GRE or SAT - you either know it or you don't. I got 1180 and 1200 on my SATs so I kind of agree. WDYT?



I think your teas scores are great! I hope I do as well. I am taking my prereq's in January at PHCC North Campus.

What do you think about the test? I am planning to take it soon and I am worried about the science part. How did you study for science?

Also, when did you take the test and how many people were there? I wasn't aware that we could take it so soon.

Sorry about all of the questions..

Hope to see you in the August RN program :coollook:



I think your scores are solid but since the TEAS is a new testing criteria for admission into the program it is hard to tell if they are good enough to get in. As you know, the Jan 2010 class is the last class for admitted with the NET scoring. I got in with a 3.8 Prereq GPA and a 90 Composite NET score as a first time applicant. However, your 3.4 GPA may put you on the lower end of the cutoff. I saw a post you wrote months ago, plus this one and I can tell you really want to get into the program as I did. I wish you the best of luck for the August class.

I actually have a question about the TEAS. I was told by someone else that you had to finish your Pre Req before taking the TEAS. This is someone that I am wary of taking information from since she still has not entered into the actual program. Could someone please advise if the TEAS can be taken before your pre reqs are complete. I start my last pre reqs A&P and A&P lab next week.

It is my understanding you can take the TEAS whenever you want, keeping in mind that your score(s) are only good for 2 years from the date you take the test. Your pre-reqs are a totally separate entity from your TEAS in terms of when taken and when completed.

Thanks like I said my source has given me false information in the past. I'm planning on applying for August 2010. So I guess I'll get on with the studying for the TEAS. Thanks again.

Just signed up on this forum. Contemplating PHCC or HCC. I am researching the differences to see which would make me the better RN. My Prereq GPA for PHCC is 3.77 and my TEAS score is a 88.8. I am told only 24 students are being accepted at each of the two campuses in the Fall, so I'm not holding my breath. Also, if anyone knows where I can find the following info. on PHCC or HCC, please let me know!

1. NCLEX pass rate.

2. Dropout rate.

3. Resources available to students.

4. Class sizes.

5. Instructor/Student ratio.

6. How old the program is.

7. Clinical sites and hours spent at them.