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  1. There is no way that you will not be accepted :) Don't forget to post when you receive your acceptance letter, so I can congratulate you! Take care
  2. Yes, I have to take the TEAS and I am not looking forward to it. I took the NET twice. First time I got a 77, so I took it again. It was the most stressful test I have ever taken in my life lol. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to taking the TEAS. The science part is freaking me out. Science was on the net, but they only looked at the reading and math. I did well on the science, but it was simple not all over the place, no rocks or clouds lol... How did you feel about the TEAS and was the McGraw Hill study guide helpful? They say the TEAS is a lot harder than the NET ugh... and the NET was only $25.00... it's just not fair Donna
  3. That is an awesome composite score!! You should be proud of yourself. Now that you have a feel for the science part, just take it again to raise your score. You have plenty of time :) Be prepared to start NS in August. You Rock! No, I took the NET and got a 92 composite score. I was going to apply to the LPN program, but later decided to finish my pre-req's and go straight RN.
  4. GOOD LUCK ! You are going to do great :)
  5. When I was contemplating about withdrawing from nutrition, my advisor told me I would be better off withdrawing if I was sure that I wouldn't get an A in the class, mainly because of my B in psych. She said that I need all A's and maybe one B and a Teas score in the 90's to guarantee acceptance. I didn't ask her to elaborate because I was upset about my nutrition teacher. What she said made sense because it is so competitive. Anyway, when you think about it no one knows for sure. This is the first semester using the TEAS and it all depends on the applicant pool. You're right, I should have asked her the general GPA, but all A's and maybe one B gave me the impression that it's around a 3.8. What did the advisor you spoke with say the general GPA is?
  6. I spoke to my counselor last week about it, and she said that my composite score should be in the 90's. Pre-req gpa should be all A's maybe one B to guarantee acceptance. I already received a B in psychology years ago, so I guess I better get all A's in the other pre-req's and maybe take psych over. I know a lot of people that plan on taking the TEAS 3 times before the May 30 deadline, so their score is high enough and they all appear to have high GPA's.
  7. Awesome! It's best to get then all out of the way. Are you going to just apply for the RN program or are you going for both? There's a thread on here with some of the GPA's and NET scores that were accepted for last January. Good luck with the TEAS! I am sure you will do great.
  8. Are you applying to other schools? Because you don't need med term or human bio for PHCC. All you need is psychology, comp apps, nutrition, a&p 1 lecture & lab as pre-req's and for co-req's, which I will try to finish before NS school, a&P 2 lecture and Lab, Micro, Micro lab, life span, English 1101, and ethics. I understand there are scholarships available. They give you the info on those once you are accepted. Also, there is a loan forgiveness program for Nursing in the State of Florida, which is awesome.
  9. I plan on taking it at the end of this month and apply to the LPN program and then do the bridge. Have you look at the threads about the TEAS? There is a lot of great info, especially about the Science part since it is all over the place.
  10. No, I have Hendrikson. I am studying bones now. Can you give me some study tips lol. I am dreaming about bones it's crazy! Thanks you both for the suggestion about nutrition, I will definately take it online in the summer. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to get an A. I have to make up for the B I got in psych years ago.
  11. M Look at this... and you were ready to give up on this thread :) Hi Kchandler76, Which campus do you attend? I am at North and I have one class the the Spring Hill Campus, if you can call it that lol
  12. Thanks for the info, I think I will do that. It just so happened that I ended up with the worst nutrition instructor at PHCC and I didn't find out until after the fact. One thing that I have learned is to always check ratemyproffesor.com that sites info is right on the money. Thank goodness that my A&P teacher is awesome. I am definitely taking her for A&P 2. Are you applying for fall admission? Donna
  13. No, I have not taken the tease yet. My plan was to apply for August, and use spring break to study for the tease too, but I had to drop nutrition. the teacher was terrible and since we need "A's" I didn't want to take the chance. So now, I am applying for January. I am also thinking about applying to HCC since you don't have to take the tease and everything is just based on the pre-req's. Chris, I remember you. Your tease score was up there. I understand why you feel you need to score higher though it's so competitive it's ridiculous.
  14. Hi, I am attending PHCC North Campus. Currently, I am taking my pre-req's for nursing. Glad to be on spring break but I am still studying my a&p especially bones Which campus are you attending? Donna
  15. dkerr

    Here's my TEAS and GPA for PHCC Aug '10 - WDYT??

    Christina, I think your teas scores are great! I hope I do as well. I am taking my prereq's in January at PHCC North Campus. What do you think about the test? I am planning to take it soon and I am worried about the science part. How did you study for science? Also, when did you take the test and how many people were there? I wasn't aware that we could take it so soon. Sorry about all of the questions.. Hope to see you in the August RN program Donna