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Hi everybody. I just found out that one of the nurses at my job is positive for Hep C. She says the risk of infecting either patients or coworkers is practically nil. I don't know much, but I do know that it is mandatory that we get tested for Hep B. What are your thoughts on this situation. She's a great nurse and uses precautions (like we all do) I'm just a little puzzled and curious to know if other facilities have any protocol for this issue. By the way, I will be a GPN tomorrow! Thanks for any feedback...

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What she says is true. Little to no risk if proper precautions are used. Good luck as a new grad.

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I worked with one nurse (that I know of) that had chronic hep C. No danger to patients.

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I agree with the above poster, there is little risk when proper precautions are used. If you do a search on this you'll find that there are quite a few nurses that have Hep C and are practicing.

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