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Helpful hints DVD

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I am currently a CRNA. I have been in the nursing field for 25 years in the ICU, ER, flight nursing, and now in nurse anesthesia. My wife recently graduated from nursing school after being a stay at home mother. When she started her first nursing job, she was constantly stressed by small things that experienced nurses take for granted but were not really touched upon in school. I am considering making a helpful hints dvd of actions and skills which I take for granted but new and student nurses may not realize or consider. I am wondering if that would be of interest to both student and new nurses? It would not be an educational video for CEU's or be meant to replace previous training or organizational policy and procedure, just a simple dvd of hints others and myself have learned over the years. I would only hope to cover the cost of production, etc and am not thinking of making money. I am just amazed at the difference in simple clinical skills many schools overlook as too simple to teach. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in such a dvd.




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I would love a DVD like that, Im a new RN and don't have a job yet, but I feel like school just doesnt prepare us for real life nursing, and being able to refresh and learn new things is always welcomed!!:up:

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I would love something like that also!!!

That sounds like a great idea! I would buy one.


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I would also like something like that, but maybe starting a website would be more practical? I know there is an ICU tips website that an experienced ICU nurse started, but it seems you are talking about a set of more generalized tips which I think would be a wonderful resource.

This would be great!! I am starting my first job next month and would LOVE to have a DVD to turn to for refresher and learning new skills! :) Thanks!


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