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Help..having trouble with my Charge Nurse


I have been having problems with the Charge Nurse pretty much since I have worked on my unit for 3 years now. I do not know what to do about it. My first week she made comment "look here's my replacement", she has also refused to let me give report on my one pt I had to go to L&D because I was bleeding and having contractions(high risk pregnancy) and told me "bleeding and contractions are normal you can't go upstairs and take report on this pt I'm bringing out now", she told me that "I am only allowed to pump on my 30 min lunch and if I am even one minute late returning that I will be wrote up and sent home on suspension" and said that right outside my pt room and then yelled it at nurses station in front of everyone. In our performance eval she gave all negative review with subjective information with nothing to improve on and NOTHING positive. But yet the other charge nurse who works when she isn't there did my eval this year and gave me GLOWING review with things to work on but def not negative just feedback and NOT like the Charge Nurse. She has recently read the call sheet to me out loud and then told me to repeat it to everyone at desk as they laugh at me. I get humiliated and beat down when she's there. I have tried going to NM but she does nothing. The bullying continues she doesn't get reprimanded. I try to do the best I can by my pts and the reason I'm still there is because I truly love what I do and it is GREAT when she isn't there. What can I do to stop this? Or can I stop this. I have also tried talking to her but weirdly enough it makes things WORSE. Please help.

I do not understand why she does this to me and not others. I wonder what I have done or said and every time I try to help her or prove myself to her it does nothing. I believe her actions to be inappropriate and unprofessional. It is very disappointing because I love my job and everyone else I work with. It is difficult because she is the only main Charge.

Unfortunately you are probably going to have to leave to find a nonhostile workplace. That is what I would suggest.


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I would transfer to a different area but also go up the chain of command to report that nurse. Emails to have a paper trail.


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I would start documenting everything in writing, including requests to meet with the NM. If you are union, contact your rep. See if you can work on different shifts than the charge nurse works. Also, start standing up for yourself professionally in front of others.


charge nurse: "Oh, look! Here comes my replacement!"

you: "That's an odd thing to say on my first day. What would prompt you to do that?"

charge nurse: "You would know that if you weren't so busy taking breaks and pumping!"

you: "I take my breaks as allowed by law, and return on time to work, as befits a professional. Perhaps you should take your concerns to HR. I have all of mine documented carefully."

Document witnesses. If they try to fire you, this may help you get unemployment. JCAHO frowns on bullying, and employers can be liable for allowing it to continue.

Stop trying to prove yourself to her. She is enjoying this. Just do your job to the best of your ability, and TELL her when her words or actions are unacceptable. Ex- "It is not acceptable for you to yell at me outside a patient's room. If you wish to speak to me, you may do so politely." Overall, have an exit plan. The fact that your NM does nothing shows that the NM is either scared of the bully or not a strong leader. Too many hospitals try to sweep this under the rub. Stand up for yourself, but have an exit strategy if it fails.

Unfortunately she is the only Charge Nurse. There are sub Charge Nurse when she's not there which unfortunately is not often enough. She also micromanage and will try to find things to use against me and my work/character which kills me because it is NOT true. I put much of myself into my work and pride myself on my job and have made no secret of wanting to move up with the company and further my career. It's frustrating.

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Go to HR and file a complaint.

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For people who cry NETY, this may be real bullying. Listen carefully. (Couldn't resist)

OP, don't make things worse by going to HR or reporting this to the hireups. They don't work for you, they work for your manager, who seems like a weak manager who is scared to discipline her staff. The solution is to leave. You have 3 years under your belt. Hospitals want you. You aren't a new grad and aren't too expensive.

Yeah it is frustrating to love what you do and having to deal with that on a regular basis. I don't think I ask for much..just respect at the very least respect as a human being and a professional. I know going to NM hasn't done any good because she continues her behavior and makes excuses for her. I have had other employees apologize to me for her behavior. I hate there are people like this in power and they can't be stopped.