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Help!!!! Took nclex today

by AMLPN87 AMLPN87 (New) New

Hello everyone I took the Nclex today and I honestly think I failed! I didn't study like I could have but I did questions from an online bank that the College Network provided and did every single question in the Saunders Review book. I walked in at 7:45 and was done at 8:45 and it shut off at 85 questions. According to my other classmates it was very hard and I didn't find it to be that bad.I'm convinced its because I didn't get to a more difficult level. I did the Pearson Trick and I got the good pop up and somehow I'm still not convinced! I have anxiety right now!!!!!!

I just got out of testing too. Stopped at 85 questions. And I'm so nervous. I'm too nervous to check the pop up trick.

Congrats..if you got the good pop up you passed.


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The PVT is generally pretty accurate, and if it's still giving you the good popup around this time tomorrow, I suspect that your exam will have been through the 2nd scoring and the PVT should be completely accurate by then. Unfortunately the system doesn't let us know when it's gone through that 2nd scoring, so... Given that some people have reported that they've seen their licenses being posted the following day, it just stands to reason that it's done pretty quickly and therefore the PVT would be 100% accurate after that point.

That all being said, I'm going to play the odds and say...