Where do I start. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years and I did something really stupid. Went out with friends the other night and got really, really drunk. Ended up getting pulled over for a DUI. This craziness all happened the monday before I was to take my state boards for RN. I quickly rescheduled my test date but I am really worried that once I'm formally charged I will have trouble finding a job. Do I need to disclose this to my current employer? Future employers? I'm so sick and ashamed of myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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Good morning, there. I am so sorry that this happened to you at such an inopportune time. If you have not done so already, consult with an attorney to mitigate any potential career damage. Good luck to you!

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Echoing Computer's advice: get a lawyer. You're going to need one anyway and they will be able to advise you re:damage control when it comes to your current and future career.