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I took nclex on 8/15/14. stopped at 198. Got good pop up for 1 week. Nothing on BRN though. I called and spoke with BRN, the lady there would not come out and tell me the results which I knew she would not. So I asked her if I could ask a question. She said of course. I asked her if we get the good pop up on Pearson vue does that mean I passed. She said "am I telling you that you need to re register?" I said well no. So I told her I just need to know If I should start studying again. She said am I telling you to start studying again or to re register? I again said no. So I told her I just want to know if I could start celebrating. she said "You are to have a GREAT weekend" I start crying , cause I was so happy to hear that. she start to laugh and tell me to enjoy my weekend. I have yet to see my name on the BRN, or receive anything in the mail. I went back to pearson vue and now it went to the credit card screen. I am totally freaking out!!! I did get a letter from brn back in July informing me that there is a transcript issue, but I called brn 2 days after I took my nclex and the guy told me that he does not see an issue, but to be patient, that it could take a month to receive anything in the mail.

Has anyone ever heard of my type of situation.

I am so frustrated and freaking out

From what the woman from the BRN has indicated it is seeming as if you have passed. The reason you are now going to the CC page is because PV has changed their website so there is a new way to do the PV trick - although you would risk paying the $200 non-refundable re-registration fee.

Everyone is now being directed to the CC page whether they have passed of failed. Please refer to the multitude of threads on this new topic utilizing the search tool. Good Luck!

Scooby, EVERYONE is getting the cc page now! o not freak out, the woman at the BON basically told you that you passed. PVT is dead, it stopped working last weekend, and for those in states without quick results, the only "trick" is to call BON...which you did and sounds like you passed!

Thank you. I did not know that Pearson vue was changing. If I did I would not have freaked out. It is very frustrating that California does not allow us to pay for the quick results. It would be great if the BON would just send me something, even if it says Congratulations you passed but we can't release your license until we....... and what ever the problem is that is holding things up.

Thank you again so much for your replies.

Read it twice, it sound like you pass.

Update: It has been 3 weeks from today since I took Nclex, and still have not seen my name on the BON or gotten anything in the mail. So I called the BON again today. I explained that I spoke to someone 12 days ago or so, that told me that there was no further issue with my transcripts and that I will be getting a letter within 2-4 weeks, and please be patience. But the lady I spoke to days said they are not planning to send out any further letters, that it is my responsibility now to get my school to resend my transcripts. She did confirm I passed nclex, but told me that they cannot issue me a number until my school resends my transcripts with my social sciences classes. I explained that I did not take my social science classes at the school where I got my RN from. I asked if I could get an official transcript from the school where I did take my social science classes and fedex it to them. She said no only the school can send the transcripts. So next week I have to try and get my schools to resend. This is so frustrating.

I wanted to share this information for anyone else that is going through what I am. The only good thing that has come out of all this and my phone calls is that I did pass NCLEX. I just can't apply to any job until this is resolved to get my actual license.