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I'm an LPN, today has been a really bad day, my boyfriend of 5 years was diagnosed with colon cancer on june 18th. He was supposed to have surgery on July 15th at the cleveland clinic. Surgery was cancelled due to them finding that the cancer had spread to his liver. We were there and all ready, hours to go and surgery was cancelled. It felt like my whole world fell out from underneath me. I can only try to feel how hard this is for him, I feel guilty for even feeling so overwhelmed. I don't let him see me cry.... but that is all I do when I'm alone.. cry and do research on my computer. He is so strong... but today it seems he is taking his frustration/anger out on me and I don't know what to do?????????? I need help.. I can't do this and I don't know where to turn... or what to do...I feel like the worst person in the world for even needing help and maybe I am, maybe he would be better off without me..

Thank you! It is very nice to not feel so alone!


Thank you! It is very nice to not feel so alone!


tracy, you are not alone, at all.

seriously, there are some incredibly amazing people on this bb.

whether they know it or not, i have been helped time and time again.

come here for support, anytime at all.:redpinkhe


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You and your boyfriend are in my thoughts and prayers, Angel. We're for as much support as you can stand.

I do need all the support I can get and I really look forward to reading your responses! It has helped me so much. We leave for Cleveland again tomorrow, surgery is Friday. I'll be talking with you guys soon, don't know what I would have done without you! Finding this site and all of you has been a god send. THANKS!!


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Tracy, will be keeping you close in my prayers. God knows I understand how awful this has been for you. Stay strong...we're all here for you. Kathy

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