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hi all i failed three times ...i studied and was so confident i will prove this am successful this time ... i donno when ill pass this exam...seeing only failure omg i feel so low dont feel like touching the for ever ...becos i feel aversion towards it no matter how much i study it goes in vain there way to pass becos people are looking am an unfitful for exam .i need to becom an rn soon. if i try for suzzanes only first tip available ...tell me the good way to prepare. please help


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Are you sure you don't just have test anxiety?? I took my boards two months ago for the third time and passed but I realized it was anxiety. I asked my Dr for help before my test and she prescribed me 10mg of Propanolol just to calm my nerves. I only got 4 pills and started the AM day before my test. I went in to the test calm and collected and finally passed. Keep a positive attitude and know that the knowledge is there, just find a way to calm down and take your time. YOU KNOW THE is just reading those questions slowly and don't overthink.


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when i took 2nd time nclexrn i was so nervous i didnt sleep the whole night and i was not able to concenterate so in the third time the prevoius before exam i took chamomile tea which would relax . i went to exam hall lots of confidence and checked with pearson vue trick i flunked and got confirmed after 2 days..thats why i feel am an unlukiest person on earth... thank you so much for replying...i donno what should i do!!!


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i want to take the exam very before my family comes to know is it possible within two ...god i doonnno how to change my self how many questions you able to do ..i could do only 50-75.suggestoin please


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Give yourself more time before you test again. Study as if you had never tested before. Don't skip over anything. Force yourself to do more questions each day, but don't over do it. Two to four hours of study each day should do it. If you want to do more than break your study up over the day. See your doctor about test anxiety. Good luck.

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Definitely do not over study and do not rush to resit the exam. I would also add to previous post and say read the rationales even if you got the question right.

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