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OK so in the UK to get into nursing you need to write a personal statement, here's mine...i'm really stuck and it's in obvious need of refinement, any criticism welcome :)

When deciding my career path healthcare seemed the most natural option and many factors lead me to deciding to become a Nurse. My own personal experience with the NHS when in hospitals, at school or at the local GP surgery have been made positive due to the work of the nurses. I have been impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and attitude towards caring and have wanted to be part of this career.

I have a love of science, particularly life sciences and the anatomy and physiology of the human body. I also enjoy ecology and have enjoyed school field trips to Devon to study habitats and ecosystems first hand. Naturally my biology a-level fuelled this passion and meant I've enjoyed writing up many reports and pieces of coursework, for example a piece on the cause and treatment of diabetes type II which was written through independent study.

Nursing would allow me to combine this passion for science in a practical atmosphere whilst working with people on a personal level. I like the idea of working with people whilst building a relationship with them and becoming actively involved in their treatment. On top of this, being a nurse would allow me to work for one of the best employers in the country, and open many opportunities to further my skills and train in specialise areas, as an ambitious individual this means a lot to me. The NHS is a dynamic working environment in which technologies and treatments are constantly being evolved making it an organisation to be privileged to work for.

Becoming a Nurse would allow me to demonstrate many skills important for the role. For example I feel I am able to deal with highly stressful situations in a calm and confident manner. On top of this nursing demands to have a good ability of time management and multi-tasking to give effective treatment and care. Previous jobs have helped me work within a team and gain experience of the importance of team work and communication with your colleagues, vital to working within healthcare. Even though its cliché, I feel the most basic yet important skills to being a good nurse is being able to demonstrate kindness and compassion and having an understanding of people from all backgrounds.

During April 2007 I undertook work experience at my local hospital for a week with a day each in radiography, pathology, and a ward and then a day shadowing a doctor, for me this was within A&E. I found this work experience very useful for a number of reasons. I learnt with first hand experiences the different careers healthcare offers and spent my time talking to many professionals such as occupational therapists, radiographers and pathologists and learnt about their roles through observation.

However what fascinated me was observing the nurses and helping them out with basic duties, such as helping a patient walk to the toilet, checking blood pressure and just simply chatting with the patients. I found it useful observing the nurses within different environments as well, for example the fast-paced life of A&E to a quiet diabetes ward. I also saw the nurses interacting with other health professionals, and observed the importance of teamwork within the NHS and how other roles support each other to help the patient and meet goals.

I enjoyed spending time with the patients and learning about their own personal experiences within the hospital and how they felt about the treatment and service they'd received in their own journey for example from A&E to being discharged. I found this helped in understanding what patients required and many spoke about how they responded well to staff who'd been more than just a carer but also a friend and someone they felt comfortable talking too and I felt that I'd want to have this attitude within my own role.

I believe my a-level studies have academically allowed me well equipped to become a nurse. Psychology particularly has allowed me to research and evaluate the treatments and causes behind many mental illnesses such as Anorexia and depression. On top of this it's also allowed me to look at the biological, psychological and sociological causes of these illnesses and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and how they can apply to treatment and how the patients came to be who they are. Nursing also requires an understanding behind their patient's cultures, backgrounds and religion to fully understand their needs and reasons behind certain requests. My religious studies a-level has allowed me to personally research and write up many religious approaches to different areas of medical ethics, for example Islamic views on Abortion and Christian approaches to Euthanasia.

During my Gap-year I'm currently applying and going through the interview process to become a Health Care Assistant with the Bristol Royal Infirmary as a full time role. I chose to take a gap year as I wanted to spend time gaining more firsthand experience within nursing and build up my skills. I will also be taking a part-time course in deaf studies in which I'll study basic sign language, a skill that can be useful as a nurse. During summer 2009 I am hoping to travel for a month around Asia and possibly look into doing some volunteer work. As an individual I've been playing piano for around 12 years now and have achieved my grade 8 in piano and a grade 5 in musical theory. I also enjoy cooking new dishes, hiking and playing netball for my county team.

Florence nightingale was once quoted saying 'Nursing is an art', an art I wish to invest hard work, dedication and a passion of caring into.

Thanks :)

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Wow, that looks really comprehensive at first glance. Not sure of the remit or instructions that you were given but I do like what you have written/

I'll get a chance to read it in more detail later on and comment in more detail but looks good at first glance

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You mean you actually have to give some thought to why you want to be a nurse?

Seriously, I think it is a wonderful practice. And you are very articulate. You do have some teeny gramatical 'things'.. a few dangling parcticiples. Nothing to speak of. It's charming and comes across as very heartfelt.


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Is this your personal statement for your UCAS application?

Well done for thinking in a mature and rounded way and managing to get this onto paper!

Good luck and please let us know how you get on!

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