Hi! im just about to start nursing school and im wondering, do I need to provide my own stethoscope?(probably) and what kind should I get, just a cheapo 20 dollar one or spend the big bucks for a good one, does it really matter? Do the expensive ones make that big of an impact?


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For school, if you're on a tight budget, get a cheap one. Once you head out in the field and you have the money, get a good one.

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Get a cheap-o. They work just as well as the expensive ones for now.

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I have a fairly expensive one, the Littman Cardiology III. I love it and would never use anything else. Littman stethoscopes are really great, and they come in a variety of prices. I would say go for the Littman if you can afford it - if not, the cheaper ones will be fine in the meantime.


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Try a few out first before you decide. I bought a cheaper one and then realized that I have a hard time tuning out background noise, so now I have a Littmann 3000 and LOVE it! I really wish I had tried a few out first.

Best of luck to you:)



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I got a Ultrascope, and it was the middle of the 3 kinds we could get here. I really like it so far, but I don't start school until Monday, so I'll have to get back to you on how it works for school :)



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I too have a littman Card III and love it. If it's within your means, I highly suggest it. Mine was a gift from my partner before I started my first semester. I'm heading into my 4th and It never leaves my side on clinical days. Except when I have isolation patients and can't take it in with me. Grrrr.

anyways, if it's not within your means to get a littman, check with your local uniform shop, medical supply or favorite online retailer. They do come in a variety of proce ranges and styles. Best of luck to you ;)


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I got a cheap one that has 2 tubes, and the tubes rub together and obscure the sounds. So I got a second one, a single tube Littman and I love it!!!

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