help me!! i am studying for a&p exam tomorrow...

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and I am super confused about how you tell the right skeletal hand from the left? I thought I knew, but now my brain is not functioning!!


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The right hand curves over to the left, inward. Are you sure this will be asked?


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I just had my first A&P practical, and we had to identify several bones. I would suggest making sure you know which side of the bone you are looking at. Know your anterior(front) side from your posterior(back) side, the lateral and medial sides also. During my test, we weren't allowed to touch or reorient the bones. I would also study your lab manual's pictures and go to bone sites on the web.


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yes, my professor is really big on left and right. i think pisiform is more visible on the palmar side of the hand, so i guess i'm going to use that as my guideline. i have searched the web and cant find an answer on this-i dont know why i didnt think of this ?? before! duh...I have learned 300 muscular & skeletal terms for a fill in the blank test, as well as the physiology of the muscle and bones-ARG!

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I am so glad I am 28 years past obsessed anatomy instructors, sorry to tell you this, it only gets worse. I would invest in the nursing for dummies book, Barnes and Nobels has them. They are called blah blah made incredibly easy.

"blah blah made incredibly easy" :rotfl:


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just wanted to wish you luck!!


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Alot of the A&P students I asked all said "FLASH CARDS" were the way they got an A in A&P.

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