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Help me to study for nclex

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My name is cristian and i am a rn educated in europe.I graduated the college 5 years ago and i didn't work as a nurse. i am really scared about this exam but I know that with a little help (and luck ) i will pass it.

Since I graduated long time ago and didn't practice at all I am not sure of anything. Is there somebody who has just passed the nclex and could help me with some advices? I would also want to take a look on the manuals that u studied during the college. Can someone tell me the names of the most important manuals that i have to read ?

Thank you


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Hi stranger!

Glad to see you posting again.....................

I am moving your post to the NCLEX Discussion Forum, where you will get more advice. The exam is a national exam that is given in all states, and is just not pertinent to Illinois.

You will find handy tips there, as well as what resources to use, etc.


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hello cristian and welcome to the forum,

i'm in the same situation as you. i graduated 6 years ago in spain, came here 2 years ago and since then i haven't even touched a syringe...:(

it's scary i know, but possible. i already took my test two weeks ago. i failed, but i was really close to the passing standard since i answered 265 questions - so it's possible!!

if i were you i would use the "comprehensive review for nclex-rn" from saunders. this book has almost everything you need, plus the material that suzanne has, it will be enough.

about her study program, it seems that it's working for almost everybody here. i didn't use it the first time, but this time for sure i will do it.

if you already have an appointment for the test, the board has approved your application and you have received the att letter (authorization to test) you've done 90% of the trip for foreign graduates. so be happy -- now, at least in my opinion, you have to do the easiest part, study.

let me know if i can help you in something else.

good luck!!


Hi Oliver,

Thank you for your support. I have obtained the CES report from CGFNS. All I have to do now is to apply with a board of nursing and to obtain the ATT letter. Where do u live now? I am from Chicago. Which part of Spain are u from?

After the New Years Eve I will start to study and with Suzanne's help I hope to pass this test.

Did u take a look at the manuals that the american graduates used in the college? I would really want to do that. Like the surgery book , gynecology book...that they studied from. If u know some titles please let me know

Thank you and I wish u good luck !


Get the Saunder's book that I keep recommending and check this site tomorrow. I will be posting the first tip on my new study guide that will be quite beneficial to you.

Forget about the textbooks, you only need the one book. It has everything that you will need to pass. You just need to learn how to use it.


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hi again cristian!

i'm from canary islands (spain) and now i'm living in atlanta, ga, but i would prefer to live in chicago too. c:%5cdocume%7e1%5cvictoria%5clocals%7e1%5ctemp%5cmsohtml1%5c01%5cclip_image001.gif

did u take a look at the manuals that the american graduates used in the college?

not really, i think that saunders and suzanne's material (diabetes, herb-drug interactions, abo blood types and disasters) is enough.

if i were you i wouldn't memorize, i would understand. the only things that i would recommend memorizing are normal values in electrolytes (ca, k, p, mg, etc), normal therapeutic values for some medications, vital signs in every age, etc. they are going to ask you which one out of 4 patients you have to attend to first, prioritization questions.

hope everything is going well!


Hi, Suzanne4!

As I'm new (registered today) on this forum, I have a lot of guestions.

I have 2 books - NCLEX-RN Questions & Answers made Incredibly Easy and NCLEX-RN Review both by Lippincott. In your opinion, is that enough, or I should get Sounders as well?

I have 3 month before the exam.

Thank you in advance!

hi flysky saunder 100 questions a day is enough make sure you are reading the rationale to get and understanding each stem and question.:roll

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