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I was asked to accompany my middle school child's 3 day field trip to Washington DC as the school nurse is not able to go. I am not employed by the school district, so it is volunteer.

I hold a license in PA. I spoke with VA BON and they said all was good for them (the hotel is in VA), but I cannot get a hold of District of Columbia (I've called several times and left messages on different machines that I get relayed to). I've even called my own state BON, but am waiting on hold for a couple hours.

Does anyone know Washington DC's rule on this? I found this exemption, but don't quite understand.

Thanks for any help.

(3) To an individual, licensed, registered, or certified to practice a health occupation in a state, who is providing care to an individual, an animal, or group for a limited period of time, or who is called from a state in professional consultation by or on behalf of a specific patient, animal, or client to visit, examine, treat, or provide advice regarding the specific patient, animal, or client in the District, or to give a demonstration of a procedure or clinic in the District; provided, that the individual engages in the provision of care, consultation, demonstration, or clinic in affiliation with a comparable health professional licensed, registered, or certified pursuant to this chapter;

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Some states allow nurses to practice temporarily in a purely voluntary capacity despite lacking licensure in that state. You might check to see if D.C. allows this.

But that brings a question to my mind: Since you are not a district employee, will you actually be acting in the role of a school nurse, or are you a parent who will likely be the go-to person for minor illness and injury first aid? Will you be implementing care plans for any of the students on the trip (which would amount to nursing practice), or are you simply anticipating calls for help with minor concerns (which I don't think would amount to nursing practice)?

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Definitely get in touch with your policy holder. Is this something you want to do? Would scare the pants off me, lol.


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Why do they need a "school nurse" on the trip? I don't ever recall our nurse going on any school trips.

It makes me wonder if you would just be going as a parent with medical knowledge or if there are students going with health issues that need medical oversight. Are they paying your way? If so you are getting compensation and will be "working" with all that entails.

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To much liability!

If you are just going as a parent and not expected to provided health related care or advise that's good, but I would not say you are willing to take the "nurse" role on this trip, as you will not be covered for liability and why take the risk!!!