Help me spend money!

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I just found out I have money budgeted for staff development! I think it is around $100 a month. I need to find the specifics.

Give me some suggestions on things to purchase for teaching in a LTC setting.

My dream purchase would be a manakin....

You know your staff and facility better than us. But I'm thinking this is a time for you to listen not talk.

Put the information out to your staff and ask their ideas. Actually I'm not sure exactly what "staff development" means? Staff education? But ask the staff what their needs, concerns, areas they need more information about, are.

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100.00 a month? That is really honestly not enough to by much for training!


Nope, but it is better than the $0 that I thought I had!

What types of things are you spending money on?

Guest speakers

We get our Hospice companies to come in and do inservices for free! They even bring snacks!

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Items like the fake butts with the stage IIIs above them to help teach dressing changes would have been helpful when I was a new grad. Or you could save it up and use it for that mannequin

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