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Hi everyone!

My name is Sharelle, I am an almost graduate Enrolled Nurse from Tasmania. I realise it is probably rude for my first ever post to be one that asks for help, but i'm a bit desperate.... :confused:

So here goes....for the final assessment in my Diploma we are required to submit a Proffesional Portfollio and the selection criteria has got me terrified! I have completed everything else required - resume, applicatiion letter, applicable certfificates etc, it;s just when I get to the selection criteria it seems so big and scary that I just seem to procrastinate (washing all of sudden need to be hung out, vaccuming needs to be done, facebook needs to be checked etc lol).

So any hints or suggestions would be hugely appreciated, or any book reccomendations or websites that offer advice??

Thanks all you Aussie guys and gals out there!! :)


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Hi Sharelle, welcome to allnurses. I'm not sure what a professional portfolio is, or what the criteria are, so more information would be helpful. I can suggest that you run everything you plan to submit through spellcheck before sending it off.

I know the lure of procrastination well - good luck taming it :)

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Sharelle can u post the selection criteria on here and we can help you. I worked in nursing HR for 3 years at a major public hospital in Perth.

I don't understand why u have to do sel crit for your professional portfolio. Isn't having a prof portfolio enough?

We need to see the questions to help you.


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Hi ladies...sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you, i have been working through this mental block to get my selection criteria done :-). Carol as my last assignment for my diploma I have to submit my portfolio, address a selection criteria from an appropriate job vacancy and also write a demonstration letter of application. I would really appreciate any feedback...positive or negative ;-)

Selection Criteria 1

Demonstrated knowledge of, and the ability to apply, primary health care principles, nursing principles, procedures and practices in line with the ANMC Competencies for an Enrolled Nurse.

While studying the Diploma of Enrolled Nursing I have completed and been found competent on all of my clinical placements. These placements included Aged Care, Acute Care and Community Care. As part of these placements I was required to demonstrate my ability to apply primary health care principles, nursing principles, procedures and practices within the Enrolled Nurse Scope of Practice.

By the end of my acute care clinical placement I was responsible for my own patient load which comprised of 4 patients. (Under the supervision of my preceptor)

This included;

- Assistance with ADL's as required

- Health promotion such as providing appropriate information and support as requested for patients in relation to healthy lifestyle choices

- Documentation including, admission, observations, fluid balance charts, medication charts, consent forms, referrals, discharge forms etc

- Wound care including, sterile technique, wound swabs, changing dressings and educating patients about signs and symptoms of infection

- Pre-operative and post-operative care of the patient, and providing information and support to the patient and their families

- Reporting any changes or unstable observations etc to the RN

Selection Criteria 2

Demonstrated ability to assist clients to meet their needs, overcome health problems and perform activities of daily living.

I have demonstrated my ability to assist clients to meet their needs, overcome health problems and perform ADL's during my clinical placements.

This included;

- Providing education and support to clients in relation to health issues and procedures

- Ensuring clients have a full understanding of any information they have been given relating to their specific health care needs

- Making sure all ordered medications are given and maintaining the 5 rights of medication management

- Assisting with ADL's as required, but encouraging the client to actively participate in their own health care and ADL's whenever possible or practical

- Referring clients to the appropriate allied health team to receive assistance as necessary such as - OT, Physio, Counselling, ACAT etc

- Making time to communicate effectively with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues that may be of concern to the client

Selection Criteria 3

Demonstrated effective communication and interpersonal skills.

My written and verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills are highly developed. I have recently completed a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing and this required advanced levels of communication through essays, group projects, visual presentations and practical demonstrations.

As part of this course, I have completed and was marked competent in the units; Communication, Cultural Diversity and Work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders. This supports that I am able to communicate effectively with clients, families, other health care providers and staff members, while taking into consideration diverse cultures, age groups, beliefs and traditions and sexuality.

For the last 16 years I have worked in various roles in customer service/retail. While studying for my Diploma I have been employed in the retail sector as an Assistant Manager. This too, demonstrates the effectiveness of my communication and interpersonal skills. In this role I have been required to;

- Assist with setting goals and meeting said goals

- Acting as a liaison between staff and management

- Communicating with clients, staff and management

- Operating the business as acting manager when management is absent

- Resolving complaints/disputes from clients

Selection Criteria 4

Demonstrated documentation and data collection skills.

I have demonstrated my ability to document and collect data on all of my clinical placements. This includes;

- Carrying out observations such as vital signs, base line Ob's, BSL's, Neuro Ob's, post-op Ob's, fluid input and output

- Documenting these Ob's on the clients chart

- Documenting client progress in nursing notes

- Documenting all medications given

- Initiating written referrals

- Collecting information from the client and completing all relevant forms relating to admission, consent, discharge etc

Selection Criteria 5

Demonstrated clinical skills commensurate with education and skill preparation.

I believe my clinical skills are appropriate for my level of practical experience. As part of my Diploma I have completed and been deemed competent in all relevant clinical skills. As my professional background has not been in healthcare, I have always taken every opportunity provided during my clinical placements to participate in providing healthcare to the client and expanding my clinical knowledge and understanding.

Selection Criteria 6

An understanding of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and codes of practice.

During the course of my Diploma I completed a unit on OH&S and I do have an understanding of the legislation and codes of practice. As there are vast amounts of information involved in the Health and Safety ACT 1995 and the Codes of Practice, it is my understanding that they are required by law to be available for staff to refer to in all relevant workplaces.

The Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 provides a framework for addressing the issues relating to,

- Regulations, codes of practice etc;

- Industry and workplace consultative arrangements;

- Workplace health and safety committees, workplace health and safety officers (WHSO), and workplace health and safety representatives (WHSR);

- Legal proceedings and offences

- Enforceable undertakings

The Act applies to all workplaces, employers and employees in the private and public sector.

Codes of practice may consist of any code, standard, rule, specification or provision for workplace health and safety.


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That all sounds fine to me - good work and good luck :)


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Really?! Thanks :-D

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Can I tweak this a bit for you? Some of the answers you have given are not quite what they are asking. It's very flat and needs some padding put into it for you to get a high mark!

When u answer selection criteria, do not just copy for example the work place codes of practice and paste it on here. Try give a more critical answer, for example as in number 6 - look at the wording: An UNDERSTANDING of Occ Health & Safety legislation... They want YOUR UNDERSTANDING of these legislations, so you could say something like: for example, a co-worker cannot be discriminated against due to his race; if this does happen, the co-worker and hospital can take legal action and the facility can be fined (you could even briefly quote & reference a famous case as well).

They want you to give CRITICAL THINKING examples for each selection criteria. Remember, if this was a job and you were applying, you would want your application to stand out over others.

As in sel crit 5: never say 'I believe my skills'. It sounds like u lack confidence. Be more bold and say something like: 'My clinical skills are excellent/sound and commensurate with my experience, as I have been responsible for my own patient load and have done such-and-such'. You want to emphasise the CLINICAL and RESPONSIBILITY part. The last 2 sentences of sel crit 5 leave out. Don't mention your non-clinical experience - it's irrelevant and the managers aren't interested in this - it sounds like ur apologising that you haven't enough experience. They will ask you re prior experience during the interview if they want to know.

Sel crit 4: give an example of documentation. How would u document a litre of NS going up? Write it out. All you have written is that u document things, not what they are looking for. For example, how do you document in the notes re a psych patient assessment u have just done? Write it out in paragraph form - they know u document vitals and meds - they want to see an example of HOW you can document.

Sel crit 3 is good, but don't say you were just deemed 'competent'. It sounds like u were ONLY just competent, if u know what I mean. How did you communicate with clients? Give an example such as calming an angry patient, what communication skills did you use? Did you use open or closed communication skills, reflective listening techniques, what? TELL THEM what techniques you used, not just that you passed everything. For instance, anyone can act as a liaison b/ween people: how did u achieve this?

Sel crit 2: Again, analyse the wording of number 2 - DEMONSTRATED ability to...they want you to give more examples of how you achieved a client overcoming their healh problems or whatever. I like the points you made, but try to expand on them a little. 'Providing educatin & support' - how did you achieve this? Talking to clients, giving them pamphlets, taking time to sit down & teach them? Also give a worded example, such as: 'Mrs X was unsure re her diabetes education she had been given so I went thru signs & symptoms with her, (etc)....and gave her a pamphlet and contact details for the Diabetes Educator'. Expand it further and say: 'Also told the client to call an ambulance if worried re anything if Diabetes Educator couldn't be contacted. Reassurance given to patient as per holistic model of nursing' - something along those lines.

Sel crit 1: Leave out the 'deemed competent' on the whole sel crit. If you were not competent and hadn't passed, you wouldn't be applying. Again you have just given a list of duties, not what the sel crit asked. HOW have you applied primary health care and nursing principles? Give a nursing model you followed on the ward. You could talk about for example, caring for the patient holistically. With principles and practices, go back to the ANMC document for this, and give examples from it, ie: 'reported to RN as per ANMC competencies that a certain patient's BSL was low'...then talk re the appropriate action given for your scope of practice.

This may sound a bit harsh, but they want to see written examples - not just a list of duties. They want to get inside your head and see how you analyse situations. Anyone can sit and write a list of duties, but that isn't what they are asking for - do you understand what I'm getting at? Does it make sense or not?

If you want more help, please email me. Hope this gives you a bit more of an idea re selection criterias.

what is your email add?

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One question I had-- should you be noting that you know how to report significant changes to the RN? I thought you were seeking to be an RN? Forgive me if I have this wrong, because I am not certain about how licensure works in Oz/Tasmania. Is an Enrolled nurse different from an RN? If so, then .... nevermind, sorry I bothered you!

If not, then it sounds as if you are just regurgitating the curriculum from the nursing program, and not describing that you achieved the skills and knowledge to function in the RN role and how you demonstrate them.

And also forgive me, carolmaccas66,but could you please not use textspk? It's so hard to follow what you write (and it's against TOS anyway).

And ... am I a total idiot in taking this long to realize this is a THREE YEAR OLD thread? :blink: Or just for replying to it!

Hi I am addressing the selection criteria for a post graduate position as an RN I am stuck on q2. Demonstrate ability to apply problem solving skills. I have learned through my studies that we use the nursing process but just cant find the right words to write and as this is my first application not sure what they are looking for any help would be much appreciated.


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I am in the same boat...I would appreciate any help plz......what content should be added to -key selection criteria- 1)commitment to evidence based practice2)Competence as per assessment using ANMAC competency standards3) commitment to further self development and education?Please help ASAP.My assignment is due soon...


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May I get your email address. I need guidance with respect to selection criteria

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