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Help! pre nursing student worried online class won't count!


I'm taking anatomy after dropping out of my first attempt last year (because of personal reasons), I'm doing good this time, (16 week class that started in February). but I'm worried since this virus thing hit, my class and lab are online/webcam now. I want to stay in the class and its ganna continue, but a lot of nursing schools do not accept online lab or online anatomy classes as being legitimate. I tried to contact the nursing counselor but its hard to get a hold of anyone at this time. My teacher said that the class doesn't count as an online class at the moment but won't schools I apply for find out that most of it was done online? Has any other student addressed this concern? thanks guys.

This is an out of the ordinary moment in history right now. The class you begun to take was an in-person class, correct? Most colleges are making exceptions and just counting them as regular classes at this point of time. You can always check w/ a counselor to verify this.

What they mean by online lab or online science classes (Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology) is that the complete class (lecture & lab) was totally online from beginning to end. There are some online colleges out there like Straighterline and Portage Learning and all they do are online. Many schools will not accept those. These types of classes are online, you pay a lot of $$$ and they send you the supplies you need to do the lab at home -- some even send you a microscope! This is why it's so expensive to take these. These are the types of classes they don't want you to take because there is no supervision happening during tests or labs.

ohhhhhhhhh I see what's going on with these other classes.. it makes sense now! Thank you for clarifying this! Well thats even better for me then haha I can just sit at home and don't have to drive to class now..

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Agree with Mergirlc! Many colleges are even waiving SAT and ACT scores for high school students. This is an unusual event and I think many schools will work with students. Don't stress and good luck!

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A good portion of your tuition $$$ goes to overhead such as advertising, capital building projects (I.e., new buildings), etc. and not to instruction. I teach online Chemistry and physics and the tuition is roughly $200 per credit hour. The lab kits we use are about $150.

My quizzes/tests/finals are open-book, open-notes, no time limit, and you encouraged to work with others. The reason I chose this approach is that science education research shows that students (a) learn the material better (b) get higher grades, and (c) retain the material longer in comparison to a traditional lecture/closed-book exam approach.

You can find online courses in which the tests are proctored, but the proctoring process is a real hassle and you may need a webcam.

At the community college I teach at, as far as transcripts goes, there is no difference between taking a course online, on-ground, or blended (hybrid). So my students are not concerned with on-ground to online transition due to the coronavirus.