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hello! i was wondering if you can all give me advice. when i first started college 3 years ago (and before i realized i wanted to pursue nursing) i screwed my grades up royally. at the end of my sophomore year i decided i wanted to pursue nursing and got my act together. as of now i have about a 3.0. i ended up only applying to nova southeastern and barry because of pre reqs and got into nova, but at the fort myers campus, not the fort lauderdale one. i am completely excited and grateful to have gotten in but i really wanted to go to the fort lauderdale campus because it is close to home and easier to afford. also in another thread it was mentioned that at the fort myers campus they teach through video conferencing. i'm kind of scared of that. my parents are also kind of against me going there because we aren't in the best financial situation and i would pretty much have to get full loans to go to school AND possibly to pay for an apartment. the financial aid office told me i wouldn't get 100% of my loans financed through the government and that i would in addition to the government loans would need to get private loans. i have tried getting a roommate but it's proven hard in fort myers and a one bedroom ends up being too expensive if it's in a safe neighborhood.

all in all, i wanted everyones advice as to whether i should make the commitment and take out loans for nova at fort myers or stay home and attend FAU and retake some classes and apply to public schools. i just know how hard it is to get in to public nursing school these days. do you guys think that it'd be a good idea to retake classes i didn't do too well in? how do public schools look at it if i retook a good amount of them?

thanks in advance!


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Are any of the classes you're going to retake science courses? I retook a few classes that I messed up in my first year in college (like music appreciation, don't ask) and other silly classes like helped my GPA significantly. Are you willing to wait it out to go to a public school? It's almost impossible to get into with anything lower than a 3.5 these days, if that. In order for your GPA to go up, that would mean taking a lot of courses over and maybe even new courses to bring up your GPA.

Have you taken a trip to the Fort Myers campus to see how the nursing school is there? Or maybe speak to a representative from the school? Regardless of whether you go to Nova or Barry, here or there, it's going to cost a lot of money. But if you're willing to wait and retake some courses then maybe you should stick it out and wait till you're ready and try applying to some public schools. I know their tuition is a big difference. It's like a fraction of the full time semester at FIU cost me $1400 versus $6500 for Nova and $13500 for Barry...and that's just tuition. I wish you the best of luck...

yes a lot of them would be science courses. i would find it kind of dumb to retake classes that don't relate to nursing? but i def. understand what you are saying about retaking other dumb classes. and i have so many credits that i don't even think retaking a few classes would significantly up my GPA.

i have gone over to the campus and the people there are SO sweet and comforting. i even got hugs after my acceptance lol. but it's so expensive!

thanks for your words!

i was going to go to ft. myers ( i loved the people there). but it was so expensive and i am also worried about the video thingy. seriously its like another 20-30,000 to have an apartment for the time that you will be in school. one concern i also had was what if my financing stopped in the middle and i was stuck and had to drop out. that is one thing to think about when going to ft. myers.

i got into ft. lauderdale and my gpa is a 3.2, so you really dont have that far to go...

public universities are reduculous to get into. they said 3.5, but its probably more like a 3.7 to get in.

thanks for your help! i think i should just stick to fort myers. it's still a good school and i guess i'm meant to be there. thanks!


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Also consider taking some "silly" classes to help with your GPA. I took things like Medical Terminology, ARC First Aid, and Using the Internet--and managed to get an A in all of them--to bump up my GPA. (But that was a loooooong time ago! :lol)

yeah i'm just scared that since i have so many credits it won't do much!

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