I have just finished the first step to Suzanne's plan this weekend and I looked online and see that it is no longer available. I am absolutly heart broken. I have failed 3 times and I was really relying on this to help me. I have heard so many positive things about it and I really believed this was the thing to get me to pass. Is there anyway that I can still be added to her plan and her list?? Is there any one out there who can has done her plan that is willing to help me or send me her tips?? I just don't know what else to do. I have already tried so many other things and they haven't worked. Please someone help me!!!:scrying:

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hi learae08,

we're on the same boat. thanks for replying on my post.. i'm so hopeless when i knew that suzannes plan is no longer available coz thats my last option. i'm soo desperate to pass the nclex..i wanna ask that question too: if is there any one out there who can do her plan that is willing to help us or send us her tips? i tried so many other things too like kaplan and feuer. . .

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