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Hello everyone,

So I have a small dilemma right now. I got into an ADN program starting this fall. I also got on the waitlist for a BSN program to start this fall. I really want to go ahead and get my BSN because eventually I want to get my MSN and become a Nurse Practitioner. I feel like if I don't get accepted into the BSN program and start the ADN program this fall it would be a waist of time because it is going to take me two years to get my ADN and it will also take me two years to get my BSN at this point. If I do get my ADN I will have to go back and get my BSN and it will take at least another year of school. So should I not start my ADN this fall and apply again for the BSN to start Spring 10' or should I just start the Adn program this fall. I was also wondering If I could start the Adn program this fall so I won't loose my place, then apply for the BSN program to start in spring and transfer out of the ADN to the BSN program. I was also thinking I could just start over in spring if I can't trasnfer my ADN credits to a BSN program after one semester. I just want to be done as soon as possible and if I can go ahead and get my BSN without getting my RN first that would be wonderful! I know I have alot of thoughts going through my mind, thats why I need your help! Thanks for listening!!


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If you're pretty certain that you want to eventually get your MSN, you could go for your ADN first, work a few years, then do an RN to MSN program. In those programs you will get the theory courses you would have gotten in an entry level BSN program as well as the advanced practice coursework and clinicals. I think these are pretty much streamlined so that you aren't spending the rest of your life in school---and these programs sound like they take less time than doing an ADN then a BSN then your Master's.

I wish RN to MSN programs were around when I did my bachelor's degree. I went from ADN to BSN and, years later, started an MSN program but did not finish due to time and money constraints. That's a rough road and I honestly would not recommend that to anyone! I can see why you would not want o go the same route. Do check into the RN to MSN programs before you make a decision. With the demand for nurses with graduate degrees I would not be surprised if there are even more of these programs by the time you're ready to get your advanced degree.


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Yes you might be able to skip the BSN. I did an ADN, was working much faster, later got a BA in psych. Later still got into a master's program that did not require a BSN. Now I'm an APRN back in school for DNP. So you don't necessarily have to get a BSN. There are lots of avenues....


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Nothing in life is certain. I would definetly start the ADN program in the fall because you have a spot. You can apply for the BSN for spring 2010 and transfer to that program if you get in. If you wanted to do the RN-MSN program that would be a great option in the future.

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You're already accepted in a nursing program. Count yourself lucky.

A lot of people can't get in EITHER school......ADN or BSN...

Besides....I don't know where you are area of the world will NOT hire ARNPS with less than 5 years of INTENSIVE experience...and I mean the really good ARNP jobs....FYI....


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I would say start the ADN program, and then if you get accepted to the BSN you can go that route, or you can stay with the ADN. Being in one is better than being in none!

Another possibility is to take all your pre-reqs first. Not sure what kind of track your school does, but I took as many pre-reqs I could while I was on the wait list for the ADN program. Then I got accepted into a different school for the BSN. So now I have all of my pre-reqs already, and I'm in BSN!

There are lots of routes you can take. Time will tell I guess.

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