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Help..new grad RN unsure what to go for

by averyl417 averyl417 (New) New

I just graduated from a second degree BSN program, currently studying to pass my boards. Ive worked at a hospital for 3 years now and prior to school believed ICU was all I wanted. Now I cant seem to makeup my mind. Maybe Id like L&D? I know Id love NICU but as a new grad, that's not very possible in my area currently. I know I am not interested in the OR, ER, or general MedSurg (no insults intended). How do I decide?? The hospital I work at has its new grad residency program opening for applications in a few days. I need to indicate area Im interested in. But I feel so lost. Help?

Honestly? You won't know if you like it until you try it. Seen from the outside is different than experienced on the inside. Most residencies allow you to pick more than one interest and then shop you around to departments. If that's an option then list the ones you like and take the offer you get. If you absolutely have to pick one and have no preference then pick what will give you the most options later.

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With the way things are in the modern world for new grads, you may not get the luxury of deciding. Apply for all the slots and pray you get into one of them.

Go for whichever one gives you the job and be eternally grateful if you get a hospital job.

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You probably wont get to decide, as a new grad it's usually you take what you can get until some experience under your belt.

Otherwise, if you're not sure then you really don't know until you try it

As a fellow new grad, I can verify that what the above posters say is true. More than likely, you will not be able to slide right into a specialty area. I applied to about 60 OB jobs before realizing that it wasn't going to happen. Where I live, new grads are a dime a dozen and I was blessed to land a med/surg float pool job. It's not what I wanted at the outset, but it is a great learning experience. Get your one year in med/surg and you will have many more options.

Best of luck to you in your search!

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I have an interview for womens health next week, I think Ive decided this is what I want to pursue. I recognize if I get any hospital offer I should snap it up. Just hoping it's in an area that is best for me.