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  1. cwruRN1

    Licensure by Endorsement

    Thanks so much for responding! Wow that's way longer than I was anticipating. They finally cashed my check after 3 and a half weeks, and I'm sure it will be another couple before I hear anything else. Hopefully sooner because I have a job interview coming up!
  2. cwruRN1

    Licensure by Endorsement

    Hi all! I am a licensed RN in Illinois and am hoping to relocate to WI very soon. I just submitted my WI "licensure by endorsement" application and all materials this past week. To those who have gone through the endorsement process recently, I am just wondering how long it takes for a license to be issued. I know there are at least a couple threads on this, but they are 5+ years old... Just hoping to get a rough timeline so I know when I should start applying for jobs. Any info is much appreciated, thank you in advance! :)
  3. cwruRN1

    Lurie's New Grad RN Internship March 2018

    Congrats!! If you don't mind me asking, which unit offered you the position?
  4. cwruRN1

    Fingerprints board nursing illinois

    If you passed your boards, the state approved your background check and authorized you to test. If they had 'rejected' them, the BON would not have allowed you to test in the first place.
  5. cwruRN1

    Help..new grad RN unsure what to go for

    As a fellow new grad, I can verify that what the above posters say is true. More than likely, you will not be able to slide right into a specialty area. I applied to about 60 OB jobs before realizing that it wasn't going to happen. Where I live, new grads are a dime a dozen and I was blessed to land a med/surg float pool job. It's not what I wanted at the outset, but it is a great learning experience. Get your one year in med/surg and you will have many more options. Best of luck to you in your search!
  6. cwruRN1

    Failed my NCLEX

    I agree that Kaplan wasn't helpful. I got UWorld one week before my exam, did as many questions as possible, and felt SO much more confident than I did after 2 months of Kaplan. I would get the 1 month subscription and do 75 questions (with remediation) per day until the date of your exam. You won't be disappointed! Best of luck to you!!
  7. cwruRN1

    Feeling discouraged..Taking NCLEX next week.

    I also did the Kaplan Live Review, and was told by my instructor (on the down low) that if I was getting 50% or higher on the QBank and Trainer tests, I was doing just fine. I averaged between 60-70% per test and passed in 75 questions. I have a friend who was averaging in the low 50's and passed in 85. If you have been diligently studying, you have nothing to worry about. My best advice is to take your time and think through each question, but once you have an answer, stick with it! Do not second guess. Most importantly, be confident in yourself and your abilities. You got through nursing school and landed a job. You are highly capable of passing this test! Walk in there telling yourself, "I got this" and you have won half the battle already. Best of luck, dear! I know you will do just fine. :)
  8. cwruRN1

    Passed the NCLEX... Awaiting Letter from BON

    Yep, I'll be in Chicago working at Advocate Illinois Masonic! It is most definitely a tough market - I heard through the grape vine that many Chicago hospitals have a hiring freeze for new grads. I wanted an OB job BADLY, but came to the realization that it will not happen right away, at least not in Chicago. My best advice is to apply to any open position that will consider new graduates, regardless of whether or not it is in your specialty of interest - any experience is good experience. Northwestern, Rush, Loyola, and Presence hospital systems have such positions available. Even consider looking in the suburbs if you don't have much luck in the city itself. I utilized Liquid Compass to find positions that I would potentially be considered for - what's nice about it is that most positions fitting your qualifications pop up in one spreadsheet! Best of luck to you in your search, I am sure that you will find something soon!! :)
  9. cwruRN1

    When will my license be posted online?

    You should have received a letter from Continental Testing a few days to 2 weeks after you tested informing you of your pass and requesting an additional $50. Once you send this in, it can take 4-8 weeks for the IL BON to post licenses online. There are LOTS of people awaiting processing right now, so don't freak out that it hasn't posted yet. You'll just have to keep checking and inform your employer.
  10. cwruRN1

    Passed the NCLEX... Awaiting Letter from BON

    Thank you for your reply. I received my letter 2 weeks to the day after I found out I passed. I mailed in my check and the waiting game continues.
  11. Hey everyone, I took boards on June 28th and verified that I passed June 29th via Continental Testing Services. I am still waiting for the official letter notifying me of my pass and I am getting super impatient. I contacted Continental and they told me that I should receive it within 2 weeks... The two weeks will pass in three days, and I am wondering how to proceed if/when the letter does not arrive. Has anyone run into this issue with the IL BON? Who did you contact and how long did it take? I am set to start a job in early September and I am worried that this will not be worked out by then. Any advice appreciated! Thank you!
  12. cwruRN1

    Illinois Masonic RN Residency Summer 2017

    Yes, I'll be starting in September! I can't wait. :)
  13. cwruRN1

    Illinois Masonic RN Residency Summer 2017

    I was contacted via phone this afternoon!
  14. cwruRN1

    Illinois Masonic RN Residency Summer 2017

    At the interview day, we were told that ED and ICU are not hiring. They said that a single NICU spot was available but interviews have already taken place.
  15. cwruRN1

    Illinois Masonic RN Residency Summer 2017

    Just accepted a position with the CRU! So excited!
  16. cwruRN1

    Illinois Masonic RN Residency Summer 2017

    Hi guys! Just found out that I was selected for an interview this coming Wednesday! Will anyone else be there?