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I have to submit my idea for my teaching presentation this week at clinical. Our grades are either 8, 9, or 10 and in order to get a 10 you must really "wow" the instructors. Most of this comes from the creativity of your project. Well, I knew what I wanted to do, but then one of the instructors told a story of an previous student who did the same thing :banghead: Now I am lost! I don't feel like I can do the project now without looking like I just took the idea from her, (although I had this idea before she told the story). I REALLY need help coming up with an idea that I can do a creative teaching presentation on! Any help would be appreciated!

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What was your original idea?? What does the teaching have to be on?? What clinical is this for?? Need more info before we can help...

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Diabetes Management

Complimentary Therapies

Relaxation Techniques - I did my teaching project on this and WOWed the teachers because I was able to relax them almost to the point of sleep :)

There's tons give me a PM if you like the relaxation techniques and I can give you some pointers.


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What was your original idea?? What does the teaching have to be on?? What clinical is this for?? Need more info before we can help...

This is my first semester in NS so it is my fundamentals clinical. We can do anything related to nursing, nursing school, or adult med/surg. They are very flexible as long as it relates to nursing somehow.

My original idea was pressure ulcers, and since my clinical instructor loves chocolate I figured i could make small round cakes (the size that serve like 4 people each) and decorate the top of each as a stage of breakdown. All I would have to do is mix up some different icings and boom, instant teaching presentation. Well, a couple of days later we had clinical orientation and another instructor shared with the class that a former student had make lemon cupcakes (her fav) and decorated them to represent the stages of pressure ulcers! I could not believe it!!!!! :angryfire Now I am stuck finding a new idea because I obviously cannot do that anymore!!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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How about placenta previa (sp)? Another poster suggested this to me & boy did my instructor love it! Got an A & she asked if she could use my demonstration as a teaching tool! Tell what it is...the stages partial, complete ect. Take a white balloon, put red sand in it & as you tell how the placenta lies turn your balloon so the sand moves to match what you are saying. The balloon is the womb...the neck is the birth canal, sand covering neck of balloon complete previa, it's blocked no way for baby to get out.Lean it to one side get the idea. Good Luck


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I was worried about what to do and ended up doing it on disaster preparedness. We wowed the teacher (we had ours as partners). We made a poster board and fixed up little sample disaster kits. Our teacher really liked .. Also we shared why each item was important (except the obvious) like did you know in an emergency cituation you could use water from a water bed.. most water beds hold as much as 400 gallons of water. And to clean water you use 16 drops of common household bleach (no additives in bleach) to every gallon of water.

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