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HELP! 2nd time taking NCLEX-PN. I feel so unprepared.

by Zealous_nurse Zealous_nurse (New) New

I really need help or some form of advice right now. I graduated from LPN program may of 2014. Since graduating I prepared for the NCLEX with Kaplan review course. I didn't do well on any if the practice exams but I proceeded to take the NCLEX. I took the NCLEX for the first time in January of 2015. I failed!

I'Ve been preparing to take it again for 3 months now with Saunders review, lippincott, Kaplan strategies book and some old nursing books. I've been getting the same results, barely scoring over a 60 on practice tests. I feel like this may be a strategy issue that I'm just not getting... I tried everything, I spent so much money on review material but I'm not seeing any results... I'm starting to doubt myself, because I put in all this time and effort and when I get these questions wrong it gets even more depressing.

What should i do? My exam is scheduled 3 WEEKS from now!

The best advice I have to offer is if you know you are not prepared, which you do because of your low scores on the practice exams, and you you are not ready to take the test don't take it. There's nothing you can do this close to the deadline to fix what's wrong. Try and see if you can reschedule the test. If that's not possible all you can really do is go in, do the best you can. If you fail then you might want to consider hiring a private tutor, ideally someone to work with you one on one who aced their boards, has experience as a nurse. Good luck.

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Your thread has been moved to the NCLEX Discussion forum to stimulate more responses. Good luck with your second and latest attempt at conquering NCLEX-PN!

Don't be so discouraged! I studied HARD for my NCLEX for 3 days before taking it and passed it (April 2015). I didn't do well on those practice questions but the more you do the more comfortable you'll get with the questions~they can be tricky! What really helped me was knowing my lab values. I made flash cards and taped them to certain areas of my house. Calcium was on my bedroom door, BUN was on the bathroom mirror... I also made sure I understood the acid base balance. Go over some common diseases. Thyroid disorders...I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!!

Hi! I took my nclex 2 weeks ago & I passed. I liked school and I enjoyed reading. After taking the nclex I think it is very different to study for. Its more of knowing the content and analyzing through the questions. I read the Saunders book for content I didn't focus that much on during school and did the kaplan qbanks for questions.