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Hello all!

I need some advice. I am wondering what would make me more marketable to recruiters and nurse managers at hospitals? I graduated with my BSN in April 2008 and passed boards in Sep 2008. I know I waited a while but I already had a job lined up to start in May 2008 in Labor and Delivery. I did begin this job and resigned October 2008 due to the fact I married the "military". We ended up getting stationed overseas in Europe and I was extremely optomisitic about finding a job since there is a big Army hospital about an hour up the road with all specialties. Boi, should I have stayed for at least another six months :crying2: .Well after six or seven months of job hunting (at which point I was volunteering at the Women's Health Clinic), I ended up landing a job at the base education office. I know opposite from nursing but I looked at it as one more notch to add to my resume....a new experience:)

Well we are due to leave Europe in June to Alaska. Since being here I have kept up NRP,ACLS, and of course BLS. I have already obtained licensure by endorsement. I have been reviewing my Saunders Review like mad as well as any medication guides I can find. I have been applying to jobs even ones that state at least one year experience ( I am hoping they go out on a limb) but the job market for nursing in Alaska is tight, especially for new grads in Anchorage (where we will be living). I am about to start applying for LTC's, Rehab Centers, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facilities because I am eager to gain experience..... Don't get me wrong......I have a great passion for pregnant women and the up and down stress of Labor and Delivery ( I trained on day shift so NEVER a DULL MOMENT; Matter of fact I barely saw breakfast or lunch).......

I am just wondering what I should do? I have been looking for advice here but it seems its just scaring me more to know that I will be overlooked for fresh shiny new graduates and that I will ultimately be in LIMBO.......

Any suggestions, advice, or words of encouragement would be highly favored !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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While the reasons you have not worked steadily as an RN since passing NCLEX are listed, still the bottom line is you will need a job in Alaska and will be competing for that job with new grads.

Have you a list of facilities near the area where you will be based (do an online search)?

Perhaps sending a brief intro letter + resume, and then following up w/a phone call, first to recruiter then (possibly) to one of the Nurse Managers in the area of your interest?

Anyone else with recent similar experience care to comment?? :)


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I think it looks good that you had a job and were not working as an RN due to military move. That would look better to me than a new grad who has been searching for a year or two with nothing to show for it. I am soon to be a new grad, so not knocking new grads. I just think you had legit reasons for not working as a nurse during that time. Do you feel like you need a refresher course?

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@ dianah: I have done a search and pulled down the information for all three hospitals as well as the hospital on base. I am in the process of trying to get the nurse managers names on the floors I want to work on; some are published on the websites. I have touched base with the nurse manager in the LandD ward on the base and the contracting company that hires nurses for the base. They are just waiting on me to arrive to go any further. I have looked at other areas of employment as well but I am waiting on my current job to be done (in 5 days....woo hoo) so I will have six weeks to revamp my resume, gather recommendations, and reference information (especially those I worked with back in the United States; big time difference in Germany)before we fly out to Alaska. Thanks for the suggestions I didn't think to send letters and resume to both the recruiter and manager.@MJB 2010: Thank you for the words of encouragement and your positive opinion.I don't feel I need a refresher but I am still reviewing things I was unfamiliar with and trying to surround myself with other health care professionals to get back into the lingo. I have the saunders review on my desk at work and the pocket guides at home. Our house is empty due to the movers coming already (so no TV) so I have plenty of time to look at the info.@HM2VikingRN: I have went to the site, everyday. I have also contacted the POCs for my area. Most of the jobs are at the other air force base which is about a 10 hour drive from me. I was thinking about commuting or flying out if I had too. They do offer housing and COLA ( a extra pay benefit for increased cost of living). Are you familiar with the civilian application process?

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Oh yeah! Starting next week I will complete insurance physicals as a nurse until June 16th with another nurse that works on base. I get paid 30 dollars per physical. So I am excited about that.

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Sounds to me like you're already doing a lot. Be sure you include your volunteer work on your resume. It is just as important as previous employment, IMO. I think many employers will be sympathetic to the fact that you've been stationed out of the country and therefore, unemployed. Especially in a military town. They get it.