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Hey , finish ADN school since 2004. Fail RN Nclex boards 4 times. Planning to take LPN boards in 2 weeks, any suggestions on how to prepare myself, and what the 2012 Lpn nclex boards where like. Thanks

I haven't taken the RN NCLEX, but I did pass the LPN on the 1st try. I would study lab levels, meds, etc. Take practice tests. The most important thing is to take a deep breath before you start. Don't rush the test. Read each question from start to finish. Good luck.

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You may find the NCLEX-PN more difficult than you think. It's not an easier test, it is a different test based upon a different cirriculum and scope of practice. Have you already been given an ATT to take the NCLEX-PN exam? Many states require one to be a graduate of a practical nursing program in order to be eligible for the PN exam, in additon several states set limits on the number of testing chances including requiring proof of a refresher course completion if failed the NCELX (RN or PN) a third time. I'm surprised that you were given eligibility with a 8 year gap since you completed the ASN program.

Since you are planning on testing in a few weeks, there are many review courses and NCLEX-PN prep books. You'll not only need to know the fundamentals of practical nursing but also the difference in scope of practice of RN vs. LPN. You might want to seek out a fundamentals of practical nursing text book. Good luck.

I just took the NCLEX-PN last week and passed. I graduated in late April 2012. The best advice I think I got before graduation was from nurses in clinical. They said take the NCLEX right away, dont wait! What have you been using to study so far? I had the Green Saunders Book. Its a good review for content. Im not really sure what makes you think the -PN is going to be so much easier than the RN. When I read the study guides on allnurses that others had for the RN, there was very little that was unfamiliar to me, we had learned much of the same information. I used the NCLEX-3500 practice questions online to study and did very well. Med-surg is Med-surg, OB is OB. RN goes into a little bit more depth, but not much. You might be confused about scope of practice coming from an RN perspective, I was because my program was a modified career ladder and we were taught more what the RN does, not the LPN. If I were you, I would just study like I was studying for the RN Boards.

BTW, at my school, the LPN students have the same exact Fundamentals class as the RN students. Thats why its called Foundations of Nursing wether you are an LPN or RN.

Hey , finish ADN school since 2004. Fail RN Nclex boards 4 times. Planning to take LPN boards in 2 weeks, any suggestions on how to prepare myself, and what the 2012 Lpn nclex boards where like. Thanks
I was nervous about passing boards as well so I went to Barnes & Noble to browse through their prep books...after flipping through about 15 different books I ended up with the one that had been recommended to me: Saunders NCLEX-PN has great practice questions. Mine also came with a cd-rom which was particularly helpful. Boards were hard, don't panic when you start to choose the most correct answer and realize they are all equally correct and good answers. Be familiar with meds & dosage calculations. Know the basics, like how the flu is spread & what types of precautions (ie: mask, gloves, gown, etc) should be taken. Oh and don't panic if you look up & realize that you're the last person in the room & are already on question #103. Study hard, be as prepared as possible, take your time on the test & just do your best! Good luck!!
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I would suggest getting a NCLEXPN review book. Theres things you need to know like delegation and when you need to report to the RN and scope of practice etc. Also certain things are in less detail like less emphasis on IV therapy.

Just study...I passed with 85 questions...What a great feeling! and from what I've heard, if you think you probably Good luck!

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