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Don't even know how to start. I am a new nurse. I graduated in May and started working in the doctor's office right away. Got my license in June. In September I got another job offer from a home health care agency (psych branch). During the interview I emphasized to the manager that I only have 2 months of experience. I know that usually this position would require at least one year of experience, nevertheless I accepted the offer. I signed my job description which clearly stated that the requirement for the full time registered nurse position is one year of experience. My manager co-signed it. Today he called me in his office and said that he "screwed up" because according to the agency policy he wasn't suppose to hire a newly licensed nurse. So here I am shocked and speechless. I will probably be fired because of my manager's mistake... I quit my previous job to get this position...

Is there anything I can do?

Thank you.

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No. She signed a document saying that she had 1 year of experience. It was not a 1 year work contract. You'll never find a place that's going to offer you a guaranteed 1 year of employment where they would be bound to pay you a year of wages if they get rid of you. We're nurses, not football players or TV show hosts. ;)

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How i see it and please correct me if I'm wrong. If you signed on for a yr that's a yrs worth of wages correct? You singed for the job that he knew himself you were new to nursing and to the field you signed for. Now he's taking heat and wants to get rid of you because of it. Unless what you signed it states he can do that at "any time" with out notice and so on. I think they owe you those wages. But I am not a lawyer and i really don't know the law. I know if you sign for a job here in my state it says in the job paper you sign you can be fired with out notice or you can leave the job with out notice. Might be worth looking in to. Good Luck and I'm really sorry i know these days its hard to find a job. These are my thoughts use them as you wish..

Yes, unfortunately, you are wrong. Please reread the OP's posts.

We're nurses, not football players or TV show hosts. ;)

ha ha, best laugh of the day!

I am an old timer, Take it from me, do some acute care nursing (ie: med/surg etc) before you decide on your field. If you don't get some hospital experience it may be hard for you to further your career. I tried everything and now in my near retirement years I settled on a LTC management position. Good luck you will do fine!:nurse:

Damn were not a game show host ( didn't get the fax sorry) Hmm we should be with all the freaks and geeks we deal with or should i say use to deal with. And ty for the correction like i said i don't know about these things but you forgot to read that part just like how i misread the ops posting. I have only had to sign for one job in my nursing career and that was for a state hospital job and that's when i realized i really hated nursing and needed a break from it. I'm really sorry your going through this. Someone once told me You are where you are suppose to be at this moment and time and i know it sucks to be in that place but it will make you stronger in the end and another door will open. These are my thoughts use them as you wish...

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