Help! Just took NCLEX-PN


Hi guys! I just took the NLCEX for the second time and so scared i didn't pass. the computer shut off at questions 205. It took me 4 hours to do those 205 questions!!! I didn't even feel the time go by. I started off good, i was focused. I realized I was moving too slow and stated to panic and answered questions faster :/ When the computer didn't shut off at 85 I was so disappointed. Is 205 a good number? What are the chances I didn't pass? Anyone? :(


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I passed with the maximum number of questions at 205! So just stay calm, it can be done.


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Thank you for the hope.. Im not trying the PVT, Im too scared. Im just anxiously waiting for the results to come in the mail :cry:. Wish me luck.


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Well I hope you pass this time around. I too am a second time nclex-pn taker. I did everything , everyone told me to do. Only use a few books , don't tell anybody of your date or time. Force on relaxing during the test . I did all of that and I still failed the test but what I learned was ...I didn't know how to answer the questions? See nclex wanted you to always think of safety first, abc, . Now this time I am taking my time and doing it slow where I can understand it better for me not what everyone wants. The best of luck to you . I had all 205 question with about 1 hours left on my test back in March before they change the test. Mine had a lot of pharm questions about 30 to 40 and a lot of who to see first..