HELP I'm doing so bad on LaCharity Prioritization book

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I need help answering these priority questions. I suck. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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I just finished chapter 11 musculoskeletal and I'm not doing so hot either. My scores tend to range from the upper 60%-to no more than 75% per chapter. What I have been doing is using an entire sheet of paper per chapter. I write the answers on the paper and then when I go to the back of the book to check my answers I read the rationales for all of the answers carefully and jot notes on the sheet of paper. I might have to look up a disorder or treatment and I find that writing things down helps me remember them better than just reading.

My problem is that that my previous experience as an LPN is hindering me in the delegation questions because I tend to think that LPNs can do more than they should (because of experiences of work clouding my judgment) and that CNAs can do less than they should (again work experience at my particular facility). What is it about the prioritization questions that you find confusing? Can you identify your weakness?

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