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Help! I can't seem to concentrate in studying!

:nailbiting:Hi guys! I'm so nervous to take the test again. It's my 2nd time taking the damn test again. I tried studying but it seems like i am not absorbing anything that I have studied. Please help me! I am so desperate right now! Help me!:cry::cry::cry:

I'm in the same situation as you are. I am retaking the exam next month and decided to sign up with a 5 week course with NCSBN. So far the lessons are really good I enjoy this 10 times better than Kaplan and that is what I did for my first exam.

which review you had last time ? what was your kaplan score? i have NCSBN and kaplan too. for me NCSBN is more harder than kaplan.

Last time I used Kaplan and saunders. But I focused more on doing questions. Later I realizes Im weak on content so I am doing ncsbn

My kaplan scores averaged between 46-53% on all tests

Hi! I didn't take kaplan scores or what not. I studied saunders and exam cram but i really don't know if it's working..

YOu can do it! just believe in yourself. You already know what's gonna happen because you've already experienced it.. Don't let your anxiety get the best of you. Just know your material and keep a positive attitude! good luck!


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