Help! I need advice on jobs!


Hi everyone, I graduated with my ADN 12/13. Can't find a hospital job for the life of me. Anyways, I got offered a job at a home for disabilities where will oversee non-nursing staff, but I won't perform any nursing skills. My orientation starts Monday, so I actually accepted the job-which is part time. Now I have an interview tomorrow with a clinic that does surgical procedures once a wk. and it's f/t. The first place is about 15 min from my house. The second one is about 30-40 min with about $5 in tolls I will pay everyday. Both are 8 hr shifts. The 1st place has really nice people, although I will be on call 24/7-but it looks like maybe 10 calls mth-I don't actually have to go to the facility when called each time depending on the situation. I obviously haven't been hired yet @ the other place but what happens if they offer me the job. By theway, I applied to the f/t job before I knew about the p/t one-they just took forever to contact me. Help!!!!

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If you get the clinic job, take it.

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The FT one. It will give you better experience.