HELP, I NEED ADVICE??????should I do 2 yr ADN or LPN transition into 2nd yr ADN prog.


Where do I start, here I go...... I completed the LPN program at my community college and took my boards and passed in Oct 2007. I was a Surgical Technologist, and stayed in the Operating Room since I knew I was going back to school for my RN. I am finishing up with my last A&P.

I took the Mobility Exam to test into the 2nd yr of the ADN program. I passed, and I can start this summer with the transition course to prepare LPNs going into the last yr of the ADN program. We have skills check offs and assessments and some paper work to get us up to speed with the ADN students. That is not a problem........

My dilemma is..... ready.....I stayed in to Operating Room knowing I was going back to school....there are only a few things I am able to do there as an LPN. I know deep down inside I have lost my skills since I don't work on the floor. I am really nervous because of clinicals.....I know that the instructors expect me to know what I am doing going into 2nd yr, and my fellow classmates know you are and LPN and expect just as much if not more. I have kept up with the skills the hospital requires of me for my yearly evaluations.

My fellow nurses who just finished with their RN say I can do it because they know the type of person and student I am.. That is not the problem, I don't want to do anything wrong.....

Have I just answered my own question, do I do the 2 yr program and not just the last yr????? Do I take this opportunity and use this as a refresher and solidify what I learned in LPN school????? Do I start out with the class and do the 2 yr and form a bond with them since I will be going through everything with them and they won't see me as an outsider?? I know that the RN program is way different in the way they are taught that the LPNs....

I am so darned confused.......... Are there any LPNs and RNs that can help me......

I will be starting with the transition part this summer.......... but I also have an informations session with the ADN program director on the 20th to see if I can go into the 2 yr program... Which of the two.......... :icon_roll:icon_roll

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Why spend 2 years in school to obtain your RN when you can bypass the first year due to possessing an LPN license?

I would do the LPN-to-RN transition program. Life is too short to spend an entire two years with generic RN students, many of whom have never worked one single day in a healthcare setting. The skills you perceive to have lost can be regained later. Good luck to you!


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I would do the transition. I would not go to school for 2 years if I could go for 1.


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I can't help but feel nervous. I am still working in the Operating Room. I mainly still have duties as a Surgical Technologist, not much for an LPN to do in the Operating Room. When I finished the LPN program, I had been promised that I could work in the Preop holiding area, but that was given to an RN. I understand that. I have not worked as a nurse. I have a current license though. I think that is where the insecurities come from.

Will I be able to keep up with the RN students, will the instructors call me out just to make a point? I have been told by other RN students they do this...... I want to get the same treatment that other students get, not called out to make a point about LPNs.

Thank you for the reply...:icon_roll:icon_roll:icon_roll:icon_roll


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hi, i feel your just wrote my story. i worked in the or 19 years and decided to go back to rn school. it has been tough for me, especially just basic plain ole fundamentals, but i have been out of lpn school since 1985. you can do it...i think the very very hardest part, wasn't catching up on skills, but like you said, being expected to know!!! and people not understanding that you are equal because you haven't done these things in so long, and being "a know it all". is your first semester doing the mobility courses? if so, after that first semester is when you will join the rn students. my advise is to try not to let them (other students, and some instructors won't really realize it, due to having to deal with so many students) know you are an lpn if at all possible and avoid being in the spotlight if at all possible..(trust me on that)

we had to do a head to toe assessment. i went on you- tube and typed in "head to toe assessment" and watched the helped me so much, because i had no clue since i was suppose to already know!! (& my my, things have changed since i worked on floor) there is also a web site that you can go to, to watch video on basic can do it!!! just remember you are there for you and what you need to accomplish and in the end, if there are are people who chose to "not be so nice", that 's's about what you need to do. i am not sure if i can put the web site on here or not, i am new to allnurses (and love it), so if you want me to send it to you..let me know and i will. good luck and go for it and don't looked can do blessed!!:) (ps: i still have 2 semesters to go)


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If I decide to do the the last yr of the ADN program, I will go through and start next month which is the summer semester for them. I tested out of the OB and PEDS section so I don't have to do the class nor the clinical. The transition classes would be online and I would have to do the skills check off and pass with 100%. I would then start with the 2nd yr ADN students in August, which consists of the last 2 semester........ that is scenario one........

Scenario two......

I would go to the info session on 20 Apr and compete with the other students for a slot into the 2 yr program. I would be starting all over again........ I would take this opportunity to refresh my skills and solidify what I learned in the LPN program. I would form a bond with new classmates and not just come in their last yr and be seen as an outsider. The class will know that the students starting 2nd yr are LPNs. I have heard the instructors tend to single you out. I am so confused, I want to make sure I make the best decision for myself and more importantly the future patients I will care for.......

So did you do the entire 2 yrs or did you transition in. please let me know. you may send me a private message.



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I did the LPN-RN online program. I didn't have a good experience. I was in Scenario 1, as you mentioned. I'll send you a PM. I know you'll make a wise decision.


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tell me about your experience......


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Your specialty is OR. I would not waste a year if I passed and was accepted in the program. Time takes care of it all. In time you will have the experience as a floor nurse.

You will be a student just like your classmates. Your main priority is to pass the NCLEX and not be concerned about what your classmates think of you.

You had to do something right to get to where you are. Be the best student you can be and just complete the program. If your classmates expect more out of you ,then let that remain their problem not yours.

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I'm going to agree with your massive supporters....don't let your self-doubt control your decision and deter you from progressing. Its my bet that there are at least one or two lpns in the class in the same position. Some may have even be unemployed and kept up only with CEU's.... be confident in your OR knowledge. In that area you will excel beyond your classmates. Its my experience, so far, that instructors and classmates recognize that you 'specialize' in certain areas and so they are more 'forgiving' in the others.. Part of being a class is gaining knowledge from one anothers strong points and helping each other in your weakness'. I believe you will find that your strengths are many....


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I want to say thank you to all who replied to my questions. I did a lot of praying and I feel my path has been set for me, and I needed to stop doubting myself.... I decided to do the transition and I have started my third week. I attend class 2 days a week, one is online, and the other is lab day which is pretty much all day. Everyone was pretty much on the money, there are one or two LPNs that are in the same boat as I am. Just talking with them, has given me a lot of confidence and they are very supportive...............Once again, thank you all, and I will keep everyone posted as to how I am progressing............our instructor, want to see us succeed and she will do what she can to give us the tools to succeed....................

Gob Bless everyone...........:up::up:


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Thank you to everyone that replied to my thread. I just want to let you all know that I will be starting school on Monday 17 August. I am ready to get going so I will know what this program will be like.... Once again, thanks and I will periodically post updates as to what is going on.

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