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I've been working at a SNF that I really like, but the problem is the DON left and the DON in charge is a nurse that has had her license 2 years and she doesn't like me. She constantly picks at me, others can have a drink at the nurses station I can't, I pointed out to her that others are documenting that medication is given when it wasn't now she is showing up to go through my MAR and wrote me up for initialing that a pt had a sensor pad when they really had a body alarm. We are no longer allowed any overtime so important information is not being relayed at report and things are getting missed. Others can do something incorrectly and nothing happens for me I get suspended. Also on my write-up/suspension form they added something in the employee comments after I signed it. What now? I'm looking ro other jobs but am afraid they will give me a bad refrence. Help!!

first of all u didnt have to point out other peoples mistakes and errors to your boss. anywho try looking for another job because you are in a bad environment.

That job sounds toxic. I would start looking elsewhere. Do you have references outside of that job? I would not list anyone from that place. Most applications have the option of "Do not contact my current employer" so you can check that. (This is to prevent your current employer from finding out you are looking for work elsewhere).

In the meantime, keep your nose clean. Don't point out anything to her unless a patient is in direct danger. Follow her (unfair) rules and keep your cool.

Why are you "pointing out" that other nurses are documenting medication that isn't given? How would you know? Maybe you're just reaping what you sowed.

First of all michelle1264 nurses don't rat each other out! We stick together! Regardless if somebody ratted u out or not! Secondly don't put that job down on ur app. I had two jobs I didn't put down on my apps. I just put down that I did private duty home health during my employment with the two companies I omit in my applications. It always has worked for me. But good luck with that job ..........

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Sorry but if I *KNOW* someone is not doing something they're supposed to or did something they weren't supposed to do, Im gonna "rat them out" However, you have no proof that they are signing w/o giving........sooo..yeah. You have to have proof.

Well sparrowhak I understand where you are coming from when it comes to ratting someone out for doing something they are not suppose to be doing DEPENDING upon what they are/are not doing. I'm not going to rat out point out or bring to my bosses attention something as petty as somebody not signing for a Med!!!!!! More importantly if you're busy doing your own work you have no time to pay attention to somebody else's. Always keep in mind. " when you are digging a grave for somebody else, you may as well dig one for urself".

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Signing a med is one thing, but if you witness someting blatently have to "rat".

I can see that you understand my point sparrowhawk.GOOD FOR YOU!

yes, giving meds off cards, you can tell if they are being given or not. If they are not being given, it would be unethical not to point that out. OP-dust off the resume, and get going. It ain't goin' to get better.

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