help, got job interview next week at Kingwood Medical in Houston


Hi guys, this is my first time using the forum, I know you will be of help. I will be relocating from Florida to Houston, I scored a face to face interview at Kingwood Medical, from what I understand after the initial phone interview, if you are invited to travel all the way (expenses paid by me of course), then it is usually a good sign you may get the job offer. My questions are, has anyone worked there or currently working there? Am I wasting my time, I would appreciate some advice on what kind of a place it is, maybe some questions I should ask the manager interviewing me before I get locked in a contract. Pleaase forgive me if this seems like im rambling, im nervous, never been to Houston and need advice on anything anyone can tell me, is Houston a good place to be? Oh by the way I have 2 years nursing experience

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What I've seen of Kingwood is nice, but it's not super close to Houston. The whole region is HOOOOOOT and very humid.


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thanks NeoNurseTX,

I also forgot to mention that a I got a call from a recruiter from Scott & White in Temple as well as a hospital in Abilene, im currently in FLorida and will move to Houston in a heartbeat to be closer to my family, however, I will entertain job offers from other cities with driving distances up to 3 or 4 hrs from Houston if the job is good and cost of living low. I have never been to Texas so it is hard for me to decide which job to pursue. Anyone familiar with Scott and White? Temple is far from Houston but if this hospital is great, I will take the job and do the drive on weekends to see my family, please advice


I live in Houston, and grew up in Kingwood. Though I do not personally know anyone that works at Kingwood hosp., I have "heard" from friends of friends, and my grandmother actually died there :( (not because of the hosp, she was 96)

It's a nice facility, the staff seems pretty positive. I "heard" that much of the clientele is geriatric, so if that's your thing. Um, I also "heard" that night shift gets 6 patients. It's small, and Kingwood is a very nice suburb of Houston. It's about 35 mins from downtown Houston. I don't know what the pay is for new grads.

My sister worked in medical coding at Scott and White, and absolutely loved it. My opinion, since you asked, is go for Scott and White. Temple is a small community, but I believe you will get waaay more experience there. Just my opinion.

Good luck!

Just reread your post.....

You have 2 years experience? You should have no problem getting a job here in Houston. What is your specialty?

Did you apply at any of the larger hospitals?


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ok, so the phone interview went great, they invited me for a face to face interview, but, bummer, they wont pay my travel expenses! I thought, ok, I will go ahead and pay for it myself, turns out, tickets too expensive, so I'll pass. Same time, got another phone interview with the folks at Scott and White in Temple, first thing, I asked if they would pay travel expenses if I had to do a face to face interveiw and they said yes, so I am currently in talks for Med Surg, if all goes well, S&W may offer me the job. Again, I hope I get it, im a bumbed cause I wanted to live in Houston since my family just relocated to Katy, but I dont mind driving 3 hrs from Temple to visit if that is what it takes. Dont have that much money to spend on an interview process without guarantee of a job (eventhough the recruiter told me, it is a high possibility). Advice, is S&W still worthy contender? Im married with 2 infants 2years and 1 year, so I am looking for a place I can raise my family, earn a living in a good hospital, good people and not be so far from Houston where my family is


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ok, so I got the job at Kingwood Medical, yea, happy me. New dilemma, where to live. I have at least 3 weeks to get everything settled and move. I dont know the neighbourhoods and unless im looking at the map I dont know closer areas to rent. I want to rent preferable a house, 2-3beds, I have 2 infants, not school age yet, im already looking online, but the zip codes and neighborhoods dont ring bells, im not trying to break the bank with this. Can someone please advice a new visitor to Houston, who will rather live close to work for now to prevent going late from being lost on different hwys or navigating bad traffic, what are some affordable neighborhoods I can find a place to stay close to Kingwood medical? Please give pros and cons as well, in short all info related to this topic will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance fellow nurses:):)

Congratulations! On your job, and your move to Houston!

You should be able to find something right in Kingwood that is very close. Kingwood is divided into subdivisions that have Elm Grove, Hunters Ridge, Fosters Mill, etc. The zip codes are 77339 and 77345. Typically, and there are exceptions to this rule, the closer you are to 59North, the less expensive the homes will be. Not sure how much you want to spend on rent, but as I said in a previous post, I grew up there and my folks still live there, so I would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Again, congratulations! And welcome home :):yeah:S


You should also look into Humble and Atascocita. There are also some nice neighborhoods there, prob 15-20 mins from kingwood hospital.


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thank you so much for all your help, this has been such a positive experience for me coming to you guys for help, im now addicted, you gave me so much info in such a short time that it would have taken me forever to come up with what I neede. I appreciate your help allnurses. As I get ready to transition to Texas, I bid you short adieu..........oh no, not yet, they want me there to do drug screen at least a couple of weeks before start date some time next month, as for my Licence, with only a couple of years nursing experience as a whole, is it more adviceable to apply while in TX or get the ball rolling online from here?

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I moved here almost 8 years ago from Az and I endorsed the second I got here. Your temp license is only good for 30 days once you apply for it so you really have to be on the ball getting your finger printing and your stuff sent in. If I was you I would call the Board of Nurse Examiners now and see if you can start the process. They were VERY slow when I was trying to do mine.


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thank you, I am on it now, I checked out the website again and I qualify to apply online, so I will get on with it. Thank you all so much for being with me through this process

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How are you liking Kingwood? Do you still work there?