help!failed nclex 3x and unemployed


I failed nclex 3x. I don't know what to do. This is so embarrassing. I am trying to stay away from my relatives because I hate it when they talk about their successful career, especially when they asked me how's my nclex. I am just telling them that I am still reviewing but they didn't know that i failed not only once but 3x..(lying makes me feel guilty that's why i never attend to any family event that we have, but I guess they already knew because its been 2 yrs since i graduated).

Another thing is I am unemployed for 2 years and still looking for a job related to nursing. I used to work in sales and filed a leave of absence so that i can review for nclex to pass, but i'm so unlucky. I am always welcome to go back to my previous job, but just so embarrassed what would my co-workers think about me because they're expecting that I should be working in healthcare field after my LOA. But I really need a job to pay my debts but I don't want to go back in to sales. I prefer a job that is related to nursing but it's so hard to find a job especially i don't have experience in healthcare. Anyone knows what kind of job could an VN graduate do. I applied as caregiver but their are companies that caregivers administer medications without license/certificate and I am scared to do this because I don't wanna take risk of my license in case i passed nclex. I tried nursing assistant but no one wants to hire inexperienced applicants..Any suggestions?

kate29, I feel for you all the pressure around you, am gonna take my NCLEX soon too, Maybe it would help if you block all the negative pressures around you so you can concentrate and move forward on your NCLEX, have you tried LTC? I think it would be a good ground for you to start your experience in healthcare. I will be praying for you. We'll pass this exam...


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Sunrise has a good point. LTC could be a great option for you. What are you using to study? Many girls in my class that passed are swearing by Saunders and I used the ATI mobile mentor app for my phone, even though it is geared toward RNs, it was terrific practice for answering the questions. It was 20 dollars, but it gives you rationales, results, and a forum where you can post questions and comments on questions. It was completely worth the money. Hope it comes in handy later too! Good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. If you need any help/or encouragement...We're here!


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I agree with Sunrise also. I had to get rid of the negativity around me. Yes my family. You would be surprise how much I know now. It doesn't matter how many times you take it as long as you pass it. Go at it in a different way. Good Luck.


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How are you studying?

I'm using saunders (book, cd and even flashcards), lippincott flashcards, kaplan and qbanks..I studied really hard and even spent money for a 3 day review center; went to library/bookstore 2-4 hrs a day everyday but it seems that all the hard work I did is not enough ..My friend borrowed my flashcards and passed for the 1st time. And she's always telling me to used the flashcards because it helps her to passed and thank me for lending her those flashcards. I did very well at school but nclex put me down. :confused:


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I actually prefer to work in LTC for experience in healthcare. I applied in several LTC but only one called me for an interview; just a week ago i had more than an hour interview.Praised me because i did a good job in the interview BUT then he added that they already hired 2 caregivers :icon_roll Why spend more than an hour interview if the position is already filled in? it was so ridiculous!

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TO HAVE THE BEST CHANCE OF PASSING KNOW YOUR CORE CONTENT such as med surg, renal, endo, resp, GI, GU, cardio, dieases, labs, delegation, priority, study select all that apply ...LOOK AT THE NEW FORMAT FOR THE 2011 NCSBN. MED SURG IS THE BACK BONE SINCE THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN ALL THE QUESTIONS. Touch over ob/and peds(complications). DON'T STUDY STUFF YOU KNOW WELL...THAT IS WASTING YOUR STUDY TIME. Its up to you as the nurse to attack the questions direct. USE THE SAUNDERS BOOK WITH THE CD if you don't have something already. Go over the sections and do 60 questions a day from each body system. Read the sections in the saunders helps to fill in the grey areas along with the cd. Talk out your concepts aloud to get them in your head so you can pull them back up when you take your exam. Know basic pharm tie that in with disease can help you remember it better...same goes for labs. Remember just because you have a nurse floating to the floor with 10 yrs exp....she or he stills needs the most stable patient. RN can only do teaching so remember that when you look at discharge and the nclex hospital. NO GOOD QUESTIONS on NCLEX(SOMETHING HAPPENING IN ALL OF THEM)....PROBLEMS YOU NEED TO FIX. READ CAREFUL, LOOK FOR KEYWORDS. THINK WHAT IS THE BEST, SAFE, AND WILL CORRECT THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU ATTACK THE QUESTION. Remember we want to correct a problem in the early signs of distress or whatever before they get to the point of the might not make it phase. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR NURSES THAT WILL HELP THE PATIENTS, PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THE PUBLIC.....ALONG WITH LOOK FOR ABUSE. Becareful with labs just because its wnl of the high or flag for new nurses. Goal is to get as many questions right on that exam as you can. Look for keywords read the questions slow. THE SAME WAY YOU MISSED TEST QUESTIONS IN SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU READ THE QUESTIONS TO FAST...CAN HAPPEN HERE SO READ SLOW. DON'T GIVE YOUR ANSWERS AWAYS BECAUSE YOU ARE READING TO FAST....SLOW IT DOWN ON THIS. Ask yourself does my choice make sense....and if so WHY...KNOW THE WHY TO YOUR RIGHT ANSWERS AND THE WRONGS...OR WHAT MADE THEM WRONG . SO REVEIW RATIONALS WHILE YOU PRACTICE FOR YOU EXAM. It often helps you get other key pieces in your head. KEEP POSITIVE, KEEP FOCUSED. You can do it. Also look at select all that apply questions. Hurst review is nice too. Don't get yourself so focused on medications that you don't look at other parts of the test. Its not a pharm test. REVIEW MEDS THAT GO WITH EACH SYSTEM...remember you are loooking for complications(major). So basic meds. Don't hang yourself up here....make sure you know that med surg and all thoses systems well.


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You need to be persistent in your test prep as well as your job hunt. If anybody asks, just tell them you have found it is not so easy. You don't owe anyone any explanations if they didn't pay your way through school or otherwise support you. Good luck.

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READ one of my other post here or a few if you have time. I would also suggested you go to a hurst review on line or live....I don't know much about kaplans...But hurst is on the money. My college made us take a hurst review before we graduated. It keeps you in test mode.....and connects the dots. Along with resolving many of the whys to questions. But you still need to study it helps to lay the foundation. So brush yourself off and think positive. Email me for other questions if you would like. And also you have to understand the boards format has changed since the last time you took your exam...So review the 2011 format at your boards website. But its nothing to be ashamed of. You failed but your can pass and you will....Remember you didn't go to the board to go home empty handed.....GOOD LUCK AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU DREAM. Keep focused.


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I finally got hired :yeah: by a healthcare agency as a Nursing Assistant :nurse: although it's not certified nor LVN, i just loved it when they call me nurse :lol2: The agency is sending me to a hospital :up: where I like to work the most (hospital settings).

Now, all I need is to focus on my NCLEX to become a real nurse. I need to pass this test, really bad. I feel like this test is holding me to achieve my career goal. Too frustrating!:crying2:

My older sister who's an RN in my home country took NCLEX-RN board to work here in US, she took the test a month before I took my NCLEX-VN...I am so happy for my sister, never seen her for more than 10 years and praying she could find a good employer to petition her and get a working visa to work here in U.S. and that's the only way I could see her again...But, I feel really bad for my result, my family were expecting to have a double celebration but I failed them:crying2:

Like I said, on my previous post that I did all the best I can to pass but nothing happens..feels like I am such a loser:down:

I read books, memorized, used mneumonics, talk to myself like crazy, answered questions, and even posted materials on the wall :confused: What else did i missed? maybe it would help me:confused: :idea: to pass my next nclex. I really need help what's the problem why I can't pass this test.

I am trying to become strong and fight those negative feelings I have and stay focus to my goals in life.

Your tips and encouragements are much appreciated..I never heard those in my life, maybe because I don't like sharing to people on what I feel...:redbeathe


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I have also failed 3 times, and can't seem to find a full time job. I have been a CNA/ HHA for almost 8 yrs. I have a billing and coding certificate also but can't seem to find a job in that either. I just work as a HHA with an Agency. I know what you mean by your relatives always asking. I feel so ashamed to tell them I failed 3 times. I felt disappointed, failure and let down my parents, but I'm picking myself up and going to do a refresher course cause it's mandatory by the Florida Board of Nursing if you failed 3 times. So it's more money I have to dish out, cause clinical's are also involved ( which I didn't think, since we went through all that in school) long hrs too. So like you I'm going to cut all negative people / thoughts from my life. We got this far right. Nursing school was not a piece of cake, and we made it through and graduated. So good luck to you and remember your not alone, I'm some what in the same boat as you.