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HELP! Failed @ 265 & results all "near passing standard"


HELP! So before I wrote a thread before about my nclex journey and most responded just to wait for my results and look at my weaknesses. I recently got my letter in the mail stating that I failed at 265 questions and on the back breakdown each section was "NEAR PASSING STANDARD".

Are there any suggestions that you can input to help me prepare for my 3rd attempt to the nclex-rn? It would be greatly appreciated :)

Well, what's frequently the case when you have the max questions and are near passing standard across the board is that you have the knowledge necessary to pass the exam, but consistently choose the wrong answer.

I'm not saying you simply got it wrong. I'm saying that with NCLEX, there's typically two questions from which you have to choose (realistically): the one that is *mostly* correct, and the one that is *most* correct. You, most likely, keep choosing "mostly" correct.

You have to learn to answer questions the way NCLEX wants you to. It's not content you most likely need help with, it's strategizing for the test itself. Use a program that most closely resembles NCLEX questions (I used Kaplan way back when, and it was VERY much like the NCLEX exam pattern).

For those who did Kaplan...is this still the case?

OP: focus on how to answer the way NCLEX wants you to answer. Don't over-think, and don't second-guess :)