Help-Epocrates required for clinicals..what PDA?

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Our instructors requires at least Epocrates Pro for clinicals this fall...They recommend something different from your phone...What would serve a NP student well? Pretty computer savvy===but don't know much about the PDA's.

Thanks everyone. For some reason, my instructor prefers having a separate device from her phone...but I too have a Blackberry--and will go that route...Thanks to all the experienced ones!

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I like my BB and think you'll be happy with this choice. I also have made my right hand side button on the BB a direct link to ePocrates - that way its a little faster.

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Thanks for starting this thread as I was wondering the same thing. My husband bought me a Palm T/X last year for my NP clinical downloads, epocrates pro inlcuded. I have not used it yet. I also have a Blackberry Curve for my phone. I'm not sure which one to use. And while I think it is strictly preference, my FNP track coordinator suggested a separate device from your cell phone.

My concerns with my Blackberry doesn't seem to have a good battery life (new phone, just got it in May). And, might I run into issues with some practices/preceptors/facilities not allowing cell phones?

Specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

I'm an APN now and use the BB Curve - believe me, you don't want to carry around extra devices if you can help it. If there was some way to put my pager into my BB, I would - lol.

I'm also heading back to school soon and I've never had any problems with having a BB in clinicals. Now in some hospitals I get a less than ideal cell signal but since what I want to access (usually) is just a program already on my BB, its no problem.

As to the BB battery - could there be a problem with yours? I work two jobs and use my BB literally all day and never run dry. However, I do have a car charger and when I'm in the car I use that along with my Bluetooth.

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