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HELP - DC License by Endorsement


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I sent in the application for my DC license by endorsement at the beginning of June. The only progress its made is on 6/15/2020 when my application was marked as received and my payment was processed. I have called and emailed multiple times and multiple people, but I have not be able to talk with someone who could help. Anyone else having this problem? I am so anxious about getting my license. I know things have slowed down due to COVID. I also know that DC is allowing RNs to practice under their current license no matter the jurisdiction as long as the license is in good standing. I heard this will at least be through the beginning of October. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Prior to COVID I heard it typically took about 6-8 weeks for the DC BON to process licenses. Clearly this is not the case now.


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I know this is super late but I applied for my DC License in November 2020 and just received it at the end of February 2021. The check was cashed way beforehand.