HELP! Am I ready for the NCLEX-RN?


I am stressing out, and not really talking to people I know in person because I do not want anyone knowing when my boards are because I am so scared and stressed and just worried for the worst.

Some days I have good days where I'm not worried and that I just want to take the boards and I know I'd pass. But then there are a lot of times where I take a study break and google horrific stories about people failing, lol what a confidence booster, eh? But I want to know what really makes individuals fail and I want to see if I am in that boat. I am the most superstitious person in the world and have been living every day based on the Magic 8ball and it says I'm going to pass, but stillllll, I need to know if I really will and if I am prepared enough. NOW, sicne that all has been said this is what I have been doing:

Graduated May 14, the next week I did a 6 hour cram at Barnes and Nobles out of books, did really good. Went home with exam cram. First exam 68%, the next 65%, put in the CD was getting anywhere from 69-79% talk about building confidence.

The next week I started the Virtual ATI, I have completed it twice and I am on my way to completing it for the third, when I first did it I only had two sections that were 55% on the first try. All other I got between 62-90%. I even used and used their nurse logic, did a mock NCLEX and got a 79%, did the predictor impulsively the first time got a 75%, second time got a 90%. Completed comprehensive medsurg exams got a 73%, individual exams I didn't get anything less than a 55. Mostly getting 63-68%.

Got my NCLEX made incredibly easy, did all the questions, never got less than a 72%, browsed through the book a little, but mostly did the work out of the CD

Started going to my schools library for the last few weeks, found a 2005 kaplan book, didn't read it, went right to the back and did a 200 question exam. I got a 68%.

Freaked out, got Kaplan after reading all the great stuff about it. I have nothing less than a 55 on the Qtrainers. Qbank ranges from 63-76%. First QT I got a 68, then a 63, then not breaking the 60's, steadily at 55-59 Still not done with QT6 or 7, still not through the Qbank, but trying.

Went to NYC and visited St Patricks Cathedral, lit two candles for Saint Anthony (I have always done since I was 3), and prayed

I lost my Saunders book last semester, my boyfriend went to the bedroom to get something to prop the door open the SOB comes out with my Saunders comprehensive review book! I thought that was a sign, so I have now cracked that open and I am not necessarily studying from it hardcore, I am reading each section highlighting point, writing down what I think is important and I'll do the questions at the end. I'm using Saunders just to brush up on some extra content.

My ATI tutor and nursing instructors think I am golden, but I have THEEEE worst testing anxiety and I am so scared I will impulsively answer questions. I have been doing all of this since May, some days I take off, some days I am lazier than others. But, honestly, is this enough? I feel like I am not doing enough. I read the rationales but I don't go back to study the content regarding wrong questions, I don't have a journal where I write down all my wrong questions that I can go back and look through. I AM SO NERVOUS.

August 11 is coming up SO FAST. I even scheduled it at 5pm because I am not a morning person, let alone a NOON person, so I know I would be up and energized, my best friend even told me to load up on carbs two days before because that helps with brain function (shes a neuro major)...But I am still so scared!

I know It's a lot to take in, but do you think I'm fine?????

Thank you all so mcuh

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First, take a deep breath!! Relax. Only you will know if you're ready and even then you may not feel entirely prepared to take the exam. It's normal. Many of us just have to suck it up and take the dang thing. You have to believe you'll pass. Take your time and get it done. Even the most prepared person may fail simply because they were overly anxious and nervous during the exam. Don't be one of those people. You've done the work it seems. You've definitely done more than I did!

I know everyone may not agree with my method but 3-5 days before the exam I just stopped studying. You have to believe that you've done all that you could to prepare. Missing answers to study questions right before an exam only makes you more nervous. I honestly didn't want to be bogged down by review information that may or may not be on the exam. I stepped away from the books a few days before and I think it helped clear my mind the day of the exam.

You can do it!! Just believe in yourself.


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I know, I am stressing out big time! I know I can do it, I really do and mostly I feel comfortable but its just that fact that I do not know what to expect on the NCLEX and it's really intimidating! Ahhh, the stress and anxiety are killing me, I can do it. I know I can. And I will do it. I've done a lot, I've had so much progress. I can do this!!

those a passing scores!!!.. you have to be confident when you go to take your test, so your stress is lower and do not afect how your anwer the questions, and you my friend have good reasons, those are great scores. i know we should not base our confidence in the %, but is the only way to measure the chance to succeed.

i second savvy20rn relax. i don’t think i can’t stop studying, for me will be a challenge to stop 2 days before and rest the day before the test... i’ll try...


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Thanks so much, I just finished the QT6 on Kaplan, and from what I have read on all of these threads that the NCLEX is most like 6 and 7...Well, I got a 65.5% which is a HUGE confidence booster, I do notice I am way more energetic, awake, and relaxed during this last test. The other one's I was just so tired and was laying in bed doing the tests. I just have to remain positive! And keep up with rest!

When are you planning on testing fmAtoZ?

Well, I was planning by the end of the month.. but my scores are still very low, unless I get better I probably will postpone it for the end of september...

You are doing great, I am happy for you... relax, you see, you even did better now since you know, you can feel it... congratulations RN!