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So I am about to finish my bachelors with a health science degree concentrated in health management. I was studying to become a health manager, but recently I've been thinking of doing nursing instead. I've done a bit of research to which school I should go to or not. I graduate from USF (Tampa) this fall and I would not like to waste any time. So my question is what is a good accredited school here in Tampa? I have two appointments this week at ITT Tech for their nursing program and for Keiser, but I've read that ITT Technis not accredited and the only Keiser campus accredited is in Lankland which I'm fine with the drive. But are there any other schools here in Tampa that you guys would recommend besides HCC, UT, or USF?



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Just a word to the wise for you to do more research into tech schools like ITT. There's plenty of info here on AN. Tech schools are VERY risky.

They are NOT looked upon favorably by many here,

Please do your research! This is esp crucial since your future goals are still in flux.

Good luck.


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What's wrong with just going to one of the good, legitimate schools in the area? Why have you already eliminated them from consideration?



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Well one of the main reason for this is because of the wait. And I checked at Rasmussen College and they're accredited regional. I would just like to know the difference between a school like this vs like HCC. And now that I'm informed that a Tech is a high risk, I would like to know why because they had told me I would be getting my RN as an associate.



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The tech school recruiters' jobs are to get you to sign on the dotted line. It's NO SWEAT if you really finish school or even attend as you'll then prob fail out. They don't care because you are responsible for the monies and you'll note they are MUCHO MUCHO costly BIG TIME!! There are posters here who report astronomical student debts/loans from tuition & fees

I offer a disclaimer here - I am sure there are some reputable schools out there but one needs to really research them.

Many schools' pass/fail rates are below required accreditation average; their NCLEX rates are below average too.

Many employers are declining to hire tech school grads as they have found their working clinical skills are seriously lacking. This requires prolonged orientation & training when employers want new staff to be up & running ASAP.

Transference of school credits for further education is affected also and courses taken may NOT be transferable. The healthcare industry benchline standard for nursing practice has been moving steadily to the BSN; your Associate degree would prob be unmarketable for initial employment, advancement and then job retention.

Faculty preparation and qualifications may just be marginal and counseling services have been problematic freq also.

There's usually no wait list for attendance but all the negatives outweigh that one positivie aspect as far as I see it.

This info is just what I've learned from here on AN. There are numerous posts from dissatisfied attendees, students & graduates. And there are other posters much more knowledgeable about such schools and general requirements.

I think it's referred to as doing your 'due diligence' to research your school choices. You could just start here learning from other postings.

I believe many folk such as you start to work on pre-req courses as they sit on the wait list.

Good luck, but please be careful and go in with your eyes open!

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Is there a reason you're only considering the seediest nursing schools like ITT Tech, Keiser, Rasmussen, et al? These schools are bottom of the barrel and sludge of the crop.


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