Hello Neighbors, who is working this Christmas?


Hello All,

I am your neighbor in WV. I will be working, just wondering who will be working there and if you have any special unit plans. Anyway, Happy Holidays to one and all.


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I work most Christmases. Don't really mind it; do you?


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So far I'm scheduled to work, but my home health client might ask to change the date. Doesn't matter to me either way. Hope everyone has a happy holiday season.

With all of the rumors of how health care is being effected by the economy, I am just happy to have a job. So, no I do not mind working. I can celebrate any day before of after the 25th. Everyone is grown mostly, so no big deal anymore.

Are any of your facilities laying off nurses or cutting hours? So far, we are steady without any big problems. No one is hiring until January, then there is expected to be a need. We are watching overtime too.


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Working 11p-7a X-mas eve into X-mas morning, and I don't mind. I have X-mas and the following day off, and work Sat at 11p again - so plenty of time to celebrate the holiday but not enough time for the entire family to get on my nerves before I'm back to work. :)

X-mas eve, however, IS my FIRST night off orientation and on the floor by myself (new grad!) so say a prayer for me!!!! ;)

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I work ER,.was off thanksgiving,.so I'm working Christmas eve night, christmas night and the day after christmas. I'm ok with that. I used to hate it on my previous unit when I was "off" christmas,.but had to work 7p-7a christmas eve!!

I get double time for working Christmas, so no way do I mind. Got that money earmarked for new glasses. LOL!

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