Hello, Looking for Anatomy and Physiology study guides/note cards?


I have seen a couple people giving people links and e-mails to theirs? I start these classes this up coming semester which is the 22nd, and would like to get ahead start. Please let me know if this is okay and if you are willing to share with me. It would go a long way to help me prepare for this four credit class, I will have a heavy load this semester. (Looking to take 16 credits)

Thanks ahead of time!:yeah::uhoh3:

If you would like to email me send me a personal message and I will disclose with you my e-mail.


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i've never sent a msg on here before - pretty new to the site. i start nursing school aug 15 and have already taken anatomy/physiology. my school split the class into 2 sections BIO 210 and BIO 211. the notes online i used that helped me a bunch were from this professor http://www.midlandstech.edu/science/kelleherk/210/

i'm probably going to use his microbiology notes when i have to take that course too. i'm looking online for nursing 101/fundamentals of nursing notes. i like to be prepared and study ahead for class, but i can't get my books until 8/9, so looking online for as much info as i can find too!


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Cool thanks a bunch for the link!


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no problem! i hope it helps. he really goes into depth on everything!! good luck :)

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Here's a site that has flash cards according to subject. (beware, students wrote these cards... use them only after you've read the material first!)



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Wow I've gotta say I'm doing chapter 1 right now and this is P E R F E C T for anyone that's taking anatomy and physiology next semester !

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When I did A&P last year, I found this site useful for cementing concepts more clearly in my mind: http://www.khanacademy.org/ Scroll down to the "biology" topics. I also youtubed a lot of physiology concepts and found some great videos.



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Does anyone know a good beginner's book on cd to help with A&P 1? I am brand new at this. I'm just going for a massage therapy certificate, so I just need very basic. Thanks for any help!!!


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My hugest helps were highlighting the textbook, taking notes on lecture and purchasing an anatomy/physiology coloring book with a 50 pack of colored pencils. The act of color coding was far more beneficial (and cheaper LOL) than the flash cards I bought and only used once. The flash cards were too involved. There was too much too look at and I found my focus off. The method I described above brought me 4.0 in both AP 1 and 2.


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I took A&P recently and utilized the book, and used "anatomy and physiology" flashcards by Scientific publishing which I ordered from Amazon. I loved the flashcards-the box is big but it is divided up by topic and I would take the flashcards for the unit we were studying and keep them in a plastic bag that I carried in my purse so I could review them while waiting in line, at the doctor, etc. Lots of students in my class asked me where I got them. I just checked amazon and they are $41 but I ordered them in January for about $16, so check other websites because you can find them cheaper somewhere I am sure.

I also looked up stuff on YouTube and watched khanacademy lectures (as someone else mentioned) as well as reviewing things like nephrons, bones, and muscles by miscellaneous other YouTube producers. One thing I have been told to study really hard is the renin-angiotensin system since that is really important in nursing ( but that is not until A&P 2).

Another thing you can do ahead of time is memorize major muscles and bones although the detail you need to know about these systems varies by school.

Good luck in your class!