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Hello my name is Lance and i'm from New Zealand. I am a 2nd year nursing student. I am new to discussion boards, but one of our papers infomation systems in nursing requires us to join a discussion board. I would be really interested in talking to other students about anything and can't wait to hear back from some of you.

Thanks Lance:p

Hello Lance! How does your school system work there? Are you at a university?

Hi Lance!!

Welcome!! Tell us about your school, what is it like? Love to hear about what students there do to relieve the stressors of school too!!

Hi Lance,

Welcome to the boards! What kind of nursing program are you in (ADN, BSN, etc.)? Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi, Lance. Welcome.


Hi Lance.I'm also seraching for other student nurses from other parts of the world to compare notes with.As i'm from England and a student nurse I just wondered if you would like to do this(compare,gossip etc)If so please do Cheers Fiona :D :D

Thankyou all for welcoming me. I am currently studing at a technical institue which is in the process of becoming a university. When I graduate it will be a university. In New Zealand all BNCRN courses must be approved by our nursing council. Also after completeing our BN we must a state final which is run by the nursing council of New Zealand. The course is for three years. The first year is basically theory and learning clinical skills in a clinical room on campus. the second year is 50% theory and 50% clinical in the hospitals around Auckland. The third year is about 90% clinical. I hope this answered most of the questions, and to relieve stress our group have found that support and socializing with the other students in your group is a great way to blow off steam and helps reduce the stress.

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:) Hi Lance, I'm in Kaitaia, 1st year, studying with Northland Polytechnic. I just joined this BB too!!

Out on clinical doing elderly care at the moment.

So what is year 2 like??? How much harder than 1st year? Lots of theory and written/verbal assignments this year. Clinical is almost a breeze compared to bioscience!!

Did you do a pharmacology paper in Y1??

We are a first for the Far North, so lots of teething problems with our tutors and course content etc, and not getting stuff like modules when they are due from the Whangarei campus. But we soldier on!!!

Anyway, good luck.

Ali :cool:

Kia Ora Lance

Interesting reading posts on this site ah?

Same dramas everywhere.

Interesting short thing on Holmes tonight about pay comparsions overseas exp. RN in New Zealand $42K U.A.E $65K U.S.A $190K

(all in N.Z $'s)


I'm in Dirty old Dunners 1st year, there getting a prescribing paper next year for third years.

Hope your enjoying your studies

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