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hello everyone! i am stephany, an lpn of nearly 10 years and i am back in school full-time at the age of 40 (41 next month) taking the last 4 pre-reqs (this semester) and general courses to start rn school. how is everyone. i am from alabama. and you?

Congrats on going back to school :) Its tough, but you can do it!

Im from Missouri :)

Welcome to the forums!

This must be a southeastern reunion! I am from TN, and my uncle & grandmother live in Birmingham.

Welcome to our board! There are lots of wonderful individuals here that could possibly help you through your adjusting period. :cool:

Again, Welcome!


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Hey Stephany!!! Welcome, from a fellow Alabamian! Nice to see some more home folks here ;)

This is a wonderful BB..great place to network!

Good luck!!!

Hi, Stephany...I'm a nursing student in the Albany, NY area. I just registered with the forum yesterday and am hoping to make some buddies. I am also a returning student...37 and a mother of 4. They still call us "non-traditional" students, but at this point I consider it the norm out there. I'm working as a Personal Care Aide for a woman w/ CP and also as a Paramedical Examiner, doing medical histories and collecting blood/urine specimens from people who are applying for life insurance. Best of luck...don't give up!!

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How mamny semester is your program? Are you working?

Hi and welcome aboard Stephany

Just a little encouragement. I got my LPN at age 30, RN at age 40. You can do it and it is soooo worth it.

Good luck

Hi Stephany,

I'm also new and also a non-traditional student and a mom to three. I've applied to a two year RN program for fall (still waiting to hear if I'm in!). I just returned to school this spring to finish up A&P -- it had been seven years since I'd been in college. It was amazing how quickly I got "back in the swing." I'm also enjoying school so much more than I did before, especially now that I know what I want to do.

It is nice to see that there are many of us here that are in similar situations. It looks like this will be a great place to get lots of support through school! :)


Kudos to you. I am happy to see there well be a well-rounded mix entering the nursing profession within the next five years. I am sure you will be able to share many personal and life experiences that will help you while in school. I just wanted to add my two cents.


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