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Heart palpitations... Mansfield, OH Medcenter

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I applied the end of April and just found out I'll be testing there on Nov 14th! I've been in leisurely perusing my EC study guide up til today, but now that it's official I'm going to be cramming!!! Well, after the kids go back to school next week anyway. Anyone else going there or have already been there that would like to be in touch? Sorry I really DON'T want to hear from anyone that has a bad story! I want to think that everyone has passed there. Only gooooood vibes please.


Raggedy Ann

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Congrats on your date. Happy Cramming! LOL.


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party0045.gif ]I took a cancellation date too but with only 2 weeks to study. And I was in the same boat. May I recommend the EC Flashcards, they were a real lifesaver for me. They are short,sweet and to the point. But do not neglect to read the study guide ( esp. unit 4 ) very well, at least 2-3 times word for word. Ask as many questions here on this site as you can. Great people here to lend you support. happy0005.gifWhen your are at work, get someone who can look at your flashcards and see if you are doing it right. Practice, practice, practice. Oh, and memorize your critical elements. By the way I passed the first time with no repeats, no workshops. This is a very doable exam.:up: Good luck.

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I tested there. It was great! The CA, CEs, and staff were all super-friendly and supportive.

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