Healthcare Costs and Unvaccinated Patients

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6 hours ago, matlee123 said:

Moronic antivaxers…or are they people who weighed the information and felt mRNA technology was too risky and risks outweighed benefits for themselves? Maybe they’ve personally known several people who had severe life altering adverse reactions that nobody in the medical field can solve yet and government won’t pay for?

I’m home recovering from Covid. You know who gave it to me? A vaccinated colleague. Does anyone know how long the cells of the vaccinated will continue manufacturing spike proteins? Do these contribute to that never ending pandemic? Have any studies been done that give us answers? Maybe it’s the vaccinated that are now driving this train. 

The suggestion that Covid vaccines cause the vaccinated person to produce virulent Covid is dangerous misinformation, you might keep in mind that a number of states Boards' of Nursing have said that will take action against the licenses of nurses who spread disinformation.