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While visiting in the lounge one day, we discovered that every nurse there was on an anti-depressant. I have had 'Treatment Resistant Depression' for about 20 years--as long as I've been a nurse. ... Read More

  1. by   Youda
    Not a cure-all, but do try the light boxes. They are expensive, but you can also get "regular" light bulbs that are full spectrum light. They're only about $9 and last about 10Xs longer than "regular" light bulbs, so considering that, they cost about the same. I have one in every light fixture . . . I'm sitting under one now as I play on my computer tonight. It seems to help brighten up those long winter days . . .

    Several pages back, we talked about Omega 3 oils. I've felt a noticeable difference since taking the Omega 3 as an adjunct to meds.
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    Me too, Youda.... I started these about a month ago and feel much better, although it also could be due to the fact that my antidepressant dose has been doubled and I'm finally going to get all my female problems taken care of soon (hyst scheduled for Feb. 11th). The only problem I've noticed is the capsules make me burp for a couple of hours after I take them and I taste fish oil, which isn't exactly pleasant. I suppose I could try taking them with food, but I don't eat until the middle of the morning and by then I've taken all my other meds, and I'd never remember to take the fish oil caps separately. So I just put up with the burping and try not to be obvious about it, because I'm going to continue taking these....there are so many benefits to them besides possibly helping with depression.
  3. by   Youda
    Please forgive me for not turning back the pages and trying to find who said this, but an earlier poster recommended Natrol's Omega 3. The nice thing about this is that it contains Omega-3, Flax, and Borage (rather than straight Omega-3). That way, you mix the Omega-3's with the Omega-6's, and your body will use the fats as needed and convert. Also contains all the "essential fatty acids" going with part plant source. Some studies would now suggest that the Omega-6's are more important than the Omega-3's in cardio health and depression. I don't have sources for that, but should be easy to find in most reference books or the internet. So, forget the burping and try a combination of plant and fish oils in one handy capsule!
  4. by   mattsmom81
    You guys are making me smile...I too dislike the fishy burps altho my cat enjoys them..hehe. Funny how fish does not produce this burpy side effect but the oil does. And it definitely doesn't taste better the second and third time around...LOL!

    Thanks for the tip Youda...I will check out a somewhat less 'fishy' source such as the Natrol Omega 3.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Me, too. Thanks, Youda! And that was funny about your cat enjoying the fishy belches, Mattsmom....I was wondering why mine were suddenly getting so lovey-dovey with me!
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    And sometimes if I eat fish with wheat bread I get the fishy flatus and no mammal can enjoy them :-( sorry
  7. by   MrsK1223
    Having dealt with depression for several years on medication, I had an exacerbation of depression when i went on 3rd shift. I never want to work that shift again. I was so depressed and felt ill all the time.
  8. by   sphinx
    maia, working nights exacerbated my depression too....a lot. It was a shame too, because in a lot of days I really lked the night shift. Oh well, that was years ago. Since then, I've had other periods of exacerbation, but have never gone back to nights, because I know it will play havoc with me.
  9. by   nursechris1
    I have felt a lot of comfort reading the posts on this subject. I have been laxing in taking my antidep lately, and I can sure tell today. I have been very anxious, and very self concious. It's weird. I am well educated, I have been told that I am pretty, but when I dont take my meds, I have the lowest self esteem of anyone I know. I guess I need to get back into counseling.
    This site is a blessing for me though. I love to read the posts regarding Dr orders and charting mistakes. I laugh so hard, my family wonders if I am going crazy!:roll
  10. by   sphinx
    nursechris, those posts make me laugh too! My husband asks what's so funny...sometimes I try to explain, other times I just say "forget it, nurse stuff".
    Sorry you've been feeling "off" lately. I'm sure you know the impotance of taking prescribed meds as ordered, so I won't remind you! :-) Getting back into counseling might be a good idea too....I know I am looking into that too, just waiting for some things to settle down in terms of my schedule, so I know when I am free, etc. Anyway, I know about low self esteem. Mine is in the ditch.
  11. by   micro
    *low self esteem.......even when my self esteem is high.........and all is right with the world.............I still have low self esteem*

    ain't depression a ________.

    hang in there all.........
    I am so glad you are here.........
    what a great thread this is............. is all I can say.........

    hang in there all
    it does get better one day at a time
    and then you think it gets worse.....
    but just hang on.......
    it gets better......

    rambling on,
  12. by   mattsmom81
    Hi friends...have had a great week or two and wanted to share my good news.

    My prayers have been coming true...ever met someone JUST right at the time you need to? They are like angels sent from above to give you advice or encouragement you need at that particular time. This has happened numerous times lately in answer to my prayers for direction.

    One, I decided to write my old supervisors and ask for letters of reference. Usually I'm not the type to ask for this but I was down, with LSE and a little voice nudged me to do this so i did. I got the MOST lovely notes back...made me cry and boosted my see in writing how much they think of me...I really needed to read those kind words! As a minister friend tells me "Ye have not because ye ask not".

    I posted I had applied for private duty my old agency told me I'd been out too long to do facility staffing. Well, met a new friend in the waiting room of my agency who waltzed me into the staffing office and told them they needed to put me to work...and they did!!! LOL!! THIS agency said 'no problem'...I was thrilled!! Due to her encouragement, I am working facilities again now, very part time... and enjoying 'calling my own shots' re scheduling, etc. It is working out sooo well!

    I am not pursuing my critical care work at this I really WANT all that stress of life and death chaos?? Surprisingly, I've been doing some hospice and rehab staffing (perdiem) and truly enjoying the change of pace. Haven't done this type of work for 15 years or more...good to know I can still do it.

    HUGS to all and hope you are having 'more good days than bad'.
  13. by   yms yms rn
    Just wanted to say thanks to all the posters out there who shared their experience, strength and hope. I, too, have depression altho I am not sure it is necessarily r/t nursing. I have been on antidepression meds since my senior year in nursing school and I can speak to the effectiveness of the right med being the difference between life and death.
    There have been times when I was suicidal, tho I never made any attempts, but I was very grateful for the myriad of treatments available so that I had alternatives when the meds I was on did not work anymore. I have had two failures of meds, (one that required a change in meds and the other that required an increase in dose) in 12 years. These medications and the help of a counselor have allowed me to live my life and be fully alive and productive.
    I agree that only someone who suffers from depression can fully understand the hopelessness and fear that comes with being unable to "pull oneself up by ones bootstraps" and just get on with life.
    I have been fortunate also to have a wonderful support system of friends and family who were caring enough to not give up on me, and who insisted on pushing me to get help when I just wanted to go to bed and withdraw from life. :kiss These people made sure that I was taking care of myself, so that I had enough resources to take care of those who depended on me (my kids and my patients).
    I've probably gone on too long and have repeated many of the same things that others have said, but I hope that if there is anyone out there who is hesitating about getting help, they will seek it out

    yms yms rn